Cusco back to Lima....

Well, I’m a wee bit sad to leave the mystical world of the Incas for Lima.  It’s been amazing & peaceful out in this remote section of the world.  I’m quite impressed with the Inca structures that were never really finished for reasons unknown. There’s definitely a connection to the universe here, one can sense it that words can’t describe, and it’s just a feeling one has when they are with peace with Mother Earth.  I’ve also been quite impressed with the friendless & helpfulness of the Peruvian hospitality.  It’s been really so sweet of the people where I’m staying to check on you to make sure you have the correct times for adventure out in these parts, very kind indeed. Last night I walked the streets & stumbled upon a black & white photography exhibition of portraits from the area.  I was quite impressed on how the photographer got close to the subject matter & capture the natural beauty.  Well, I must admit that I tried to do that earlier yesterday, but it was not possible cos I got screamed & by a man with a food cart next to a pharmacy & others just said no photo.  Hmm, I should have had my telephoto on to get it with out any questions, but that would have brought more attention than just shooting with my wide angel.  I’m finding it hard to capture the natural beauty of people in the places that I visit. I just got to figure out that obstacle somehow. I also went to the Centro Qoqo de Arte Nativo for a traditional dance performance from this area.  It was quite good.  I guess you could say that hiking all these ruins had made me tired in a good way.  It has been amazing for sure.  You just have to get up & do it rather than reading that National Geographic to really get the full feel of the place.  There’s way to do it on every budget, get the word “can’t” out of your system. You don’t always have to do it with staying at the American chain hotels & eating all your meals at the tourist spots, go local find the true meaning of the place your visiting.  Don’t think that you can’t do it cos money gets in the way.  Just follow your heart & let it guide you. Trust the universe.
Fried Whole Fish
Well, again for the last time in Cusco someone at the hostel who brought me to the airport meant me.  It’s a rather small international airport compared to Lima. Oh, it was quite the adventure to the airport. I thought I was going to be last cos the travel agent scheduled me for a noon time pickup, luckily the nice girl at reception called the taxi & had them pick me up earlier.  I got to the airport with enough time tho. I came close to cutting it short this morning. However, I had my checked bag searched for a domestic flight & asked if I had any lighters in my bag & alcohol & I said no, they weren’t this through in Lima. The plane was twenty minutes or so late, but it wasn’t really a problem. I’m glad that I got on & boarded it for Lima. Spectacular views of Cusco from the plane were seen while we took off for my hour flight. It was easy once I got to Lima & spotted the taxi driver with a sign with my name on it (of course it was spelled wrong). This taxi driver was a character too.  He claimed he didn’t speak much English, but he could understand just fine. I ended up doing a wee bit of "English lessons" too along the way.  He lost the car in the car park & it took a while to find it.  Nothing too crazy as last week with the taxi driver who used to live in the Bronx’s no stop chatting with me.  It took like an hour for me to reach the hostel from the airport. 
Clothing Outlet with Piles upon Piles of Clothes
This time I’m staying in Link Hostel Link Hostel , it’s  on a side street in Milaflores & I already like it much better than the one last week. I basically got to Lima late in the afternoon & didn’t have much time for exploration.  I’ve basically went to get some ceviche & fish dinner (fried whole fish) at a local hole in the wall restaurant for like twenty soles that included a couple of cervezas with the price too. Barging, yes it was & so yum, yum, yum! I decided to take a wee walk after dinner around Avenue Larco in Miraflores & stumbled upon La Quinta De Los Fabricantes Sac. basically, it’s an outlet with all designer labels dirt cheap.  I mean piles upon piles of clothing that says “hencho en Peru” in the labels basically means, “Made in Peru”.  They were basically giving stuff away in there.  However, it was crazy, like going to Filenes’ Basement cos you have to dig & dig to find what’s calling you.  I also took a wee stroll threw the park & noticed all the food stalls that were out with the daily night life of the park from people gathering to eat street food to getting your shoes shine.  Overall a busy travel day, I’m back were I started my Peruvian adventure.  I doubt that I will be able to cover Lima like I would cos it’s massive.  There’s so much to do from the beach to exploring all the suburbs.  I hope these last few days in Mystical Peru are well worth the rest of my adventure. 

Church in Main Square
Food Cart in Main Park

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