Lazy Day in Lima

Gourd Ornaments
Well, my day began with a wake up call at 4:30 AM cos they got the date wrong on when I’m going to catch my flight to Cusco.  Oh, well, I was kinda up at that hour anyways.  Early morning & sad to say that I couldn’t pull myself up for that morning light that’s amazing, just needed some down time before I’m on the go go go again.  I found myself drinking coco leaves, which I got told that it’s very medicinal, music to my ears. Yes, healing power in tea that you just put the leaves in hot water & drink it like the Incas or chew on it.  It might come in handy soon, since I’m off to the Andes tomorrow. Morning traffic sounds & city sounds all day.  It’s been some time since I’ve been in a city.  This place is massive.  It’s like you’re in the desert but got the beach. Beautiful colonial architecture meets your eye never knowing what to be expected.  Off to embark on exploration…
Sandwich Shop
Parque del Amor
Well, I went on a “wild goose chase” looking for a Post Office to send Kiwi something.  Over an hour later I found it, I must have gotten off the beaten path & made it almost to the heart of Downtown Lima.  I asked numerous times on the street where the “correos “was & showed the map that I kept on getting lost. Oh, well, people were nice & got to take advantage of capturing some shots of daily life on the street.  I found myself walking threw the art market & “looking” at the items.  No, I didn’t get tempted with silk scarves like the time I did at the MBK in Bangkok. Funny, no matter how many markets I go to in the world, there’s only so much I can take cos it’s the same old thing in each stall almost, but different prices. Working on the art of bartering is definitely a skill for a well traveler. I then decided to walk to the beach, where on the way again I got to capture daily life in Lima. I got asked several times if I needed to change money, but I declined.  I ended up at the Parque del Amor, which is “Lovers Park”; of course it’s famous for love, love, love.  You get to see couples making out enjoying the moment. I did see some beautiful mosaic tiles & flowers too & the beach looked overcast with a foggy mist.  I just walked around the streets capturing daily life. So many cool things to capture threw the lens.  However, people were friendly when I shot photos & waved or pointed to the guy next to them.  Also, I found a sports park in the heart of Miraflores that reminded me of the one that was around the corner from me in Matsue.  Nice to see a big public complex with tennis courts for the public to use.  Just walking around of course in any Latin American city there’s a church in the heart of the city center next to the park. It’s a nice day to just “blob” as Kiwi would say or “hanging low” or “chilling out”. Resting is good! Nice to be back travelling & meeting fellow travelers who are in for the experience & stretching their money as far as it can go. It’s also nice that I didn’t take a “suicide shower” like what I did at the hostel in San Pedro Sulu & the water was hot first thing this morning. I did find myself having ceviche, “the National Dish of Peru”, as it also is know for lunch at a charming hole in the wall seafood restaurant. It was nice to get some fresh corn nuts BBC's Article Study Suggests Ancient Peruvians 'ate popcorn' as something to munch while I waited for my food. Funny, a kid tried to sell me candy & later got kicked out the restaurant for trying to solicit other patrons as well.    Lima is charming for sure…
Fruit Cart

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