Booth Island Through the Lemaire Channel to Paradise Harbor

Panoramic View
Last night the ship sailed north not further along south, however, that would have been nice. Early morning the Explorer was in the Penola Strait by passing Peterman Island & continuing further north to Booth Island. The island is another historic site for the French Charcot Expedition & that all three brushtail penguins nest, Gentoo, Adelie & Chinstrap. It’s been beautiful looking out at the scenery & enjoying a cuppa first thing in the morning. The light was also something special too.  When you see the light it just speaks to you. Time to get to work with another busy day here. I feel like I don’t sleep & try to do as much as my editing as I can. I’ve been very busy, might not seem like it. Some might think, oh she’s on holiday in Antarctica but don’t grasp the concept that when you’re a photographer there’s a lot more involved then the let’s sit back, have some cocktails & chill approach for the traveler. Basically don’t be putting labels on it. It’s a cold brisk morning, with temperatures -2C/22F. It’s the coldest weather that I have encountered all trip. Hopefully, some goodness is around the corner.
Leopard Seal
I finally saw a leopard seal on the morning Zodiac cruise with Ed.  It was amazing to see beautiful views of close of the seal swimming underneath the Zodiac. I really enjoyed the cruise this morning.  I had the opportunity to get some tips from Mark as well.  It was very nice to watch the leopard seal swim around the ice. I particularly enjoyed watching the iceberg that had an arch in it. The morning fog was lighting at that point where the beautiful mountains of the continent were slow appearing. After the Zodiac cruise I got drop on to shore where I hiked with Ian to the top of a cliff with sunning views. I even saw a seal on the rocky shore. It’s been amazing to experience Antarctica in every moment through the lens & without it.
As the Explorer sails north, we retraced our route north through the Lemaire Channel. During the afternoon we cruise into a very picturesque bay surrounded by rugged mountains & flowing glaciers. I spend the afternoon relaxing a bit, enjoying the views & having cocktails on the aft deck too.  Oh, I also attended a photo break out session from the photo team.  Oh, it’s been fun…

An Iceberg Arch

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