Leaving...Or Not...

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I must admit that leaving the things you love is very hard whether it's a dear friend that you got this spark of light with or leaving the places you love. I have been sad for a few days ever since I left Port Lockroy & sailed northbound on the Drake. Don't get me wrong that I don't love South America cos I honestly do. There's just something special about Antarctica that I cannot describe. I was blessed to have the stars aligned for this amazing experience & to hang out with some of my favorite staff too. I was also blessed to learn more threw the lens from Mark, Mike & CT which I really do appreciate very much. Words can't describe the feelings that I have right now. It's kinda like the feeling that I had when I came back from OZ, got off the ship the first time in Jaco after saying goodbye to my beautiful boat family, coming back from Alaska or Peru for that matter, to be honest, this list of mine is very long, so I won't go on & on. I spent my morning in Ushuaia after disembarkation (I did also lend a hand to the staff to get the luggage off, which shouldn't be a surprise to those who know me) going to the Maritime Museum that is an old jail too (it was pretty rad to check out, even on my lack of sleep)before headed to the Hotel Albatross for teatime before making the pilgrimage to the airport. I found myself on the LEX charter LAN flight with basically the entire ship but minus a few with some crew. As I write this I am extremely knacker & I'M at EZE or Buenos Aires. I said my goodbyes, wishing each other safe travels & I'm now in the Duty Free Zone after I cleared immigrations. I didn't have Japanese backpackers to talk to this time (I did when I landed a few weeks back), just a solo & quick queue. I feel like I should be writing something from the opening lines of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas or Fight Club, but my creativity is on overtired mode. It really is, but it will come back once I get some rest. I really don't know when that will be. There's something unique with travel & especially if you can tap into the vagabond way of life. The world is your oyster; it's just a matter of time on how you want to open that door & to see the light. As JRR Tolkien said "not all who wonder are lost..."

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