While on the path of self discovery, we often times forget about celebrating the small things. We have been trained to celebrate the victories as if it was a sporting match and our team won the championship. In reality that is not the case. We have been programmed with our thinking that we need to celebrate if we get a promotion, a new job, the dream house, the dream card, the dream spouse, the music gig of our dreams, etc...Haven't we forgotten somewhere along the way to forget about celebrating the small things like paying off a loan no matter how big or small of it, receiving the holiday of our dreams showing up spontaneous, finding a puppy, having the courage to open up an Etsy Shop, having the courage to pick up our camera to picking up the phone to make an important phone calls. You see the small steps are the key with harvesting our own celebrations. It's the small steps along the way, not the bigger picture. Celebrate the moment. Cherish it. Allow that energy from the celebration to pay forward for the next one. Live life in the NOW, MOMENT BY MOMENT! 


Take time to celebrate.

Celebrate your successes, your growth, your accomplishments. Celebrate you and who you are. 

For too long you have been too hard on yourself. Others have spilled their negative energy-their attitudes, beliefs, pain-on you. It has nothing to do with you! All along, you have been a gift to yourself and to the Universe.
You are a child of God. Beautiful, a delight, a joy. You do not have to try harder, be better, be perfect, or be anything you are not. Your beauty is in you, just as you are each moment. 

Celebrate that.

When you have a success, when you accomplish something, enjoy it. Pause, reflect, rejoice. Too long you have listen to admonitions not to feel good about what you have done, lest you travel the downward road to arrogance.

Celebration is a high form of praise, of gratitude to the Creator for the beauty of God's creation. To enjoy and celebrate the good does not mean that it will be taken from you. To celebrate is to delight in the gift, to show gratitude. 

Celebrate your relationships! Celebrate the lessons from the past and the love and warmth that is there today. Enjoy the beauty of others and their connection to you.
Celebrate all that is in your life. Celebrate all that is good. Celebrate you!

Today, I will indulge in the joy of celebrating."
~Melody Beattie 

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