Play Like A Child

As I took a walk along Goose Rocks, I noticed a couple of sand sculptures. A turtle and a mermaid to be exact. I love seeing them. They brought back the element of play like a child to me. Often times we get stuck in our own ways, forgetting that we have a creative force inside of us screaming for us to come out and play. Playing with sand and crafting such a sculpture takes patience and listing to what is guided to us from that source of inspiration. As adults, we often forget about playing and taking time away from our own life to give us a sense of clarity. Funny, that may sound, it's actually good for the soul to grow from periods of rest and play time. We must not forget about our inner child who still wants us to enjoy playtime to bring out our creativity. Moments of lasting joy can be found in these moments where we allow ourselves to relax and to seize the day! Carpe Deim!

This is an excellent article about the power of outdoor play for children, but adults need this too! Outdoor Play Essential Whole Child Development!

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