A Reflection from Joshua Tree...

I recently came across this photo of me from Joshua Tree National Park. I could see the Mexican border from there. It's a beautiful spot in the Southeastern part of California. The trees are beautiful and think of that U2 album from the 1980's with the same name, Joshua Tree. 

Lately, I have been reflecting on my growth. I am sure that this photo of me says something. It reminds me of how weak I was and I gave away a lot of my power (that was ten years ago). Now, I have had events that have shaken me to core of my soul. Some we can call growth spurts others were traumas and situations that I didn't foresee and those events do not define me.

I realize the other day while I was in my friend, Robyn T Wiley's workshop that I have grown a lot from what I have been working on for months. It hasn't been an easy winter you could say. Hey, in Maine, we really don't get spring until May or so, when all the snow is gone. It has been a tough one with looking out the window and seeing a snow bank that won't go away. Come on sun and warm weather, shed some light onto winter and make it go bye bye. Now being a female entrepreneur is something else. Women don't give themselves the credit that they deserve. We don't. We are in a time where words like #metoo, should be a sin, but in fact it's real strength to own and say what has happen to you to bring light to the darkness. The real power lies from within, deep within your inner being or soul if you want to call it that. My own female entrepreneur path has brought up a lot of beliefs from my childhood that need to be cleared and release back to the heavens cos they don't serve me any more. It's time for the divine feminine in me to really reclaim and own my power. What I'm realizing and I'm thankful that a friend reminded me of this the other day that I need to shine on. Yes, I need to give myself credit for takin the leap of faith with being a female entrepreneur and bring my light onto others. I'm doing it! Let the light inside of me be my compass. The world needs my gifts to come alive! It's time for me to shine more deeply.

A part of me is embarrassed to say this is what I looked like ten years ago; before I took the leap of faith into self discovery at a much greater force like a Jedi preparing to fight the Sith Lords. All what I can say that taking care of myself has been worth it. It's time for my inner goddess to shine bright like the earth core star. All we need is to love ourselves and shed some light onto the dark to reclaim our power back!

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