You're a Healer

"You're a Healer 

The healing you give to the world can happen as gracefully and naturally as the pine trees touch and heal with their life, their presence. Arousing your senses, they fill you with their fragrance. Their presence changes your energy, calms your fears, lets you know all is well.

Know you can stand tall, joyfully be who you are, and grow where you are. You have the ability to touch those around you in a way that heals them without hurting or draining you. Once of your gifts to yourself and to the world is that of healer. You don't have to force it, strive to make it happen. It happens gently and naturally when you love and accept who you are.

Open to your healing power, your ability to heal yourself and those around you. Receive this gift with joy; share it freely with all you meet. Open to your healing powers and you will cherish your past, all you have gone through and done.

Who you are is love. What love does is heal."
~Melody Beattie

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