Traveling Has Taught Me...

Lately, I’ve been finding old photos of me and posting them on my Instagram. There’s no surprise that I’m homesick for my quest of adventure and traveling the world. If anyone who really knows me, they start to ask me about now, where in the world are you headed to next? Sad to say that I haven’t had the excitement to give an honest answer. Oh no, I haven’t. Someone recently said to me that it looked like I’ve been all over enjoying life and I really wanted to say take a good look at the photos cos they really don’t look like me as I am today. Can’t you notice the hair is much shorter?  What has happened to the girl who went backpacking in Australia and then ended up living in Japan to sailing the ocean blue, kissed a gray whale, looked for the fairies and chasing elephants out in the savanna? That’s is what I’ve been pondering a little too much lately. 

Have I tuned out that voice in my heart that is telling me to live a life filled with joy and happiness? I will admit that I have been working through a lot of stuff lately, I just have to let those moments of despair come up to be release. Allow the present moment to be what it is. I’m finding from being vulnerable expressing my heartaches is actually a way to heal the heart. Some might not be ready to feel the pain and do it anyways. What I have learnt from my travels is to look at things from a deeper perspective. I will admit that this time back at home has given me the chance to take a deeper look within myself and work through the layer of the self that needs to be healed. There’s real beauty in it actually. There is. The treasure lies in seeking within for letting it to shine on the outside. I must be doing something right. I have noticed that I have been lighting up so many people who I have been coming into contact with these days. Kids are loving me, I get compliments when I wear those heart sunglasses of mine, and dogs just adore me. It’s nice to hear from those friends of mine, in worlds apart who give me that snipped of witty advice or telling me how much they love my positivity and inspiration on Social Media. Those are the words that create hope and reassurance. 

Kids are really pretty much the same I have noticed from observing them in Japan and South Africa, they are full of curiosity and adventure. We tend to forget that our elders hold great wisdom. Google doesn’t always have all the answers and especially won’t answer the voice of the heart. Technology is more of distraction to what is at time. There’s great power in yoga, mediation and stillness is a beautiful thing once you let it just be. Nature is a healing tool all within itself!

What I do know that we are all one, not separate beings. We just tend to think we are not by any stretch. By observing other cultures, and animal interactions we are just one and the same really. So what if we speak a different language, the color of skin is different, or the fact that we are the opposite sex, we are just one and the same. Take back those labels of what we are and ought to be… “If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies. How different our ideas of beauty would be.” ~Humanity  

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