Look At Your Own...

Glacier Bay National Park; Below Radiohead's Karma Police
“Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” ~Oprah Winfrey 

Ah, yes, Oprah you got something right. There comes a time on one’s path that speaking your truth becomes necessary for survival. It’s no longer these societal brules (b***s***t rules as the founder of Mindvalley  calls them) are running your programing. You are much more capable of things far greater than you are allowing yourself to see.

As being humans we are not who we think we are. We are much more capable of so much more. It’s the old programing of our subconscious minds that we need to work on. Thoughts become things, as Mike Dooley would say. It’s a moment by moment act rather than let’s just get there and be done with it and I’m good as gold. Come on, have we forgotten about the journey? Apparently so. Our emotional reactions to all of life’s experiences whether if they are good or bad has always been in existent.  Making peace with our feelings and emotions is the way to live, rather living a life of suffering and great misery. The thoughts and unpleasant emotions are not necessarily created by the conditions of the now, but from the many past lives we have had and the trauma that we have taken on. These things are coming to surface to be cleared. It’s not pretty at times, but necessary to move ahead on ones path. Karma doesn’t necessarily reflect the person that we are today. It’s up to you and you alone to do the work. It can’t be pushed upon another like you see so often times in families and friends when things come to the surface that there’s a push and shove aspect of placing the blame on others. Really, it comes a time for you to start and take a good look at your own sh**t and work on it. Everyone has different karma that they need to look at, no one is identical, it gets affected by day to day experience. We are all beautiful beings. The more light you hold the more trauma you got to work through. It’s about taking taking ownership of your life and the life that you were meant to live to the fullest. Look at what brings you joy and do more of that. Oh yes, joy and go deep into your heart space to seek out the treasure for yourself. 

Over the past year, I felt that certain rules and conditionings have been coming up for a reasons. As you start to go deeper on your path down the rabbit hole certain things get trigger. Stuff that you haven’t thought about in years. Ah, yes certain old obsolete programming doesn’t work for me is what I’m realizing. With me, it’s like I have been playing a tape of old beliefs from my family and society for far too long. As, I start to clear them, I notice how much of a scarcity mentality I have inprison myself with. We have been programed to think that everything we want in life is out of reach and we have to work to the death so to speak to get it. What if we just surrender and let the burdens of our past not effect our Nowness of the present moment?  I have been reminding myself to do that more often. 

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