3 Times Prelude

Santa's Lobster Boat
So on the last day of the big Prelude weekend. I set out in town to play "tourist".  Something I don't really enjoy doing cos I'm not one to go to the "touristy" places to just get a snap shot.  I'm not one of those travelers who will buy a shirt to say that they been there type of thing either. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine was in the cards today. A lovely day to take a walk. All autumn I've been asked if I had any Prelude photos and the answer was no at that point. By the end of the big Prelude weekend, the answer is a "why, yes I do".  I ended up watching Santa's Lobster Boat make it's way under the town bridge crossing.  I took a long stroll threw out town photographing local places of interest that you would want to see, if someone mentioned Kennebunkport to you. It's nice to hear support from people I know in town too. Gracias! Another busy day, but nothing compared to the chaos as of yesterday.  It looked like another successful Prelude weekend!
Christmas Tree Dock Square
To see more of what my eye capture this weekend or in general, check out my website Christine Anuszewski Photography ! Yes, I do LOVE capturing things threw the lense or else I wouldn't be a photographer. Well, as it turned out that I did not do as well as I hoped with my photographic sales.  I got more comments about how much people are liking and loving my work, but sad to say no buyers. I did get a great deal of exposure too.  I guess that's the nature of the game. For those of you that don't truly know me, I don't give up easy. It's a constant frustrating battle out there and you just got to keep on truckin'....

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