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Curried Mussels at 50 Local
Noodle Bowl at 50 Local
Hannaford Supermarket's Maine Seasonal Food Guide
I just stumbled across a fabulous article today on the BBC's food section, Food Fraud Tackled by Forensic Scientists. I was quite impressed on the article about the harsh reality it is to eat food that is falsely advertised on the ingredient makeup. It's pretty scary out there if you ask me.  It's sad to say that corporations these days are more worried about the money value of the profit rather than the actual care of harvesting the crops in a natural way rather than adding other ingredients that do not belong & some being harmful with grate risks unknown to the consumer. I also have stumble across many well written articles on NRP's Food Section about the current trend of food these days & they also have a great recipe section. A "locavore" is a person who makes a conscious decision to eat food produced in their local area no more within a 100 miles radius. The concept is basically that food is much healthier because it does not have to travel far & be sprayed with chemicals to preserve it. Also, the fuel cost of shipping has been offset by not having the need to travel around the globe for the same produce item that is not in season in another part of the world. By protecting the environment is by off setting the carbon footprint is a much healthier choice for the nutrition value of the food because you don't have to eat days or even weeks old produce.  With all the scary facts & truths about food these days it's nice to see many restaurants resorting to local resources for their food providers with the farm to table concept.  My food journey took me to Fifty Local, located at 50 Main Street in Downtown Kennebunk, Maine. The atmosphere of this local find is very eclectic for a small town charm & reminds me of being transported back to NYC, Boston, Seattle, Melbourne or Yonago to name a few of the cities where I would stumble upon a similar find. Tuesdays are a great night to go because it's famous for the $2 Tapas, a local secret & a hidden find. Don't worry you can order off the regular menu as well.  The menu is inspired by the French Bistro with an American twist, it's very fusion with vegetarian & vegan options as well.  Just bear in mind that the menu changes daily due to the ingredients that are available to the chef. Another one of my favorite places to eat is Bandaloop, located at 2 Dock Square in the Heart of Kennebunkport, Maine.  A very simple but elegant menu that uses organic & local resources that is veterinarian & vegan friendly. They have excellent salads, appetizers, entrees & desserts. A must go while your visiting Kennebunkport.  You might know the name from the fictional tribe in the Tom Robbin's book, Jitterbug Perfume, "The Bandaloop Doctors" were a mysterious group who knew the secret to eternal life was by simple eating. It is actually a great read! According to their website: "We believe that life can be lengthened and enriched by a diet free of pesticides and hormones, and through the consumption of animals not fed on a diet of cruelty." The food philosophy says a lot about the beauty of eating organic & locally to truly emphasis the farm to table concept. In the long run it's much healthier & concussion to eat locally because your making a change for the better!

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