Sailing Up the Kennebunk River

Local Sail Boat in the Kennebunk River
When you think of Kennebunkport one of the first things that come to mind is that famous town for  being on the ocean that scream lobsters & the Bush Compound, but there's a place in the Kennebunks that should not be mist on any visit to the area. The Kennebunk River is a beautiful to be sailing up & down to explore. Yes, go on & explore the ocean rather than the land.  It's a way for any visitor or local to truly appreciate the beauty of the area & to experience the rich ocean culture that is part of the areas charm & heritage.  If you don't have your own private dingy, jet ski, kayak or canoe there are a few companies in town that offer charters for the adventurer. The Pineapple Ketch offer daily when in season two hour sailing charters for groups & individuals departing daily from the Nonantum Resort along with The Schooner Eleanor which departs daily from the Arundel Warf Restaurant. There are a lot of other local resources to choose from in the area if the prices of a sailing charter is too expensive for your taste from experience a lobsterboat cruise, whale watching & kayaking adventure. Go on & go explore the ocean, sail on! It's beautiful to be out in the fresh salty air!
Local Lobsterboats in the Kennebunk River

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