Love Me Dirty Water....

Dinosaur at Museum of Science
Ah, as with anything sometimes you just need a break. My creative self was speaking to me the other day to book a ticket out of town to save my soul. I've done this from time to time from going to Yonago to Glacier Bay exploration all in one day in my travels. Sometimes you just have to escape. I didn't find myself at one of my favorite spots, Logan International Airport tho. Instead I just hoped on Amtrak's Downeaster to save my soul. It was a good thing that I listen to the inner voice to buy my ticket ahead of time cos the second train out this morning was sold out. Yes, it's a busy time of year here in New England. I did listen to a call that I had to see an exhibit that I wanted to see for some time. Well the Museum of Science Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition was a call to me for quite some time. I had a strong feeling one day this spring when I heard of it while listing to the The River on the radio while driving. Something just spoke to me. It's just this inner voice that is telling you take it & don't worry about what else matters. Something about the exhibit just spoke to me. Maybe it was my wanderlust soul & spiritual self that was speaking to me. I just felt like something powerful was coming over me there. I spent quite a bit of time in the exhibit. To see the actual scrolls was phenomenal. It really puts into perspective on what the three major religions, Christianity, Judaisms & Islam all have in common, a deep spiritual self that is amazing. Just forget about the labels & who did what in the world. It's beautiful to see them! To learn more about them & the impact that they do have on our modern ideals that have been harvesting us for centuries. I had great pleasure for taking the time to write a message on a piece of paper & to stick it in a piece of the Western Wall that will be taken to the Old City of Jerusalem when the exhibition is finish. It was a beautiful thing to do.  It reminding me of what I would see from time to time from all of the Shinto/Buddhist Shrines in Japan actually. It's just something you got to do when it speaks to you. No one else needs to know what exactly what you wrote, it's just between you & the higher self. A truly soulful act.
The last time I was at the Museum of Science was when I took my dad to see the David Breashear's IMAX Everest Movie & that was many moons ago. I really just love museums cos they are a brilliant way to learn that are not from a text book & tend to be hands on. It's really fun to see the museum from the point of view as an adult & someone who does care about learning. I didn't indulge in my usual treat of the "Astronaut Ice Cream" that I would buy every time in the gift shop as a kid tho, I've changed my diet & couldn't do it this time. But it's still there. I really enjoy this place, it's a great place to explore, no matter how old you are.
Boston Marathon Finish Line
I did treat myself to a very yummy Thai food for lunch. Not too far from the museum I went back to a restaurant that I have been to with my sister & her boyfriend. The Similans located at 145 First Street in Cambridge is delicious. I could have spent hours examining all of the brilliant choices that they have to offer on the menu.  Word to the wise, please take your time with this menu cos there is a lot to choose from. I ended up having an awesome Basi Pad Thai with Seafood. It was heaven. I was very happy. I didn't go too crazy like the time I did in Bangkok at the Thai Cooking School that I had a brilliant dinner at. This place is authentic & the price is right for Amerian Thai Food you honestly can't go wrong here.
To conclude my day, I did find myself back on the Green Line to Back Bay to explore another favorite spot of the city. I really do love Cambridge, but there's something with Back Bay that I just love. I really do love looking at the architecture there. There's something unique with the buildings. I just admire them. However, I do know where to score a deal tho. I ended up at Trader Joe's on Boylston Street to get a few things. But if you really need some clothing items that I suggest to head over to Lord & Taylor.  I can never believe the buys there, they are excellent. You just have to hit the sale racks right. I've been shopping there since I've been a kid. It's a favorite of my whole family to be honest. I will admit that I do very well there from time to time. I found myself at the Farmer's Market as well in the park across the street from the Boston Public Library.
Globe Exhibit in Copley Park
Over all, I had a great day. I never finish everything. I didn't even have time to go look for the swan boats in Mattapan...Yes, I always enjoy a nice stroll through the Commons, but I just couldn't squeeze it in. There's so much to explore, just keep your eyes open & it will unfold for you. Be patient & it will. I concluded my day by finishing Soul Mates-Honoring the Mysteries of Love & Relationships by Thomas Moore on the train back to Wells. Word to the wise, when leaving North Station for any train, be sure to check the monitors cos they clearly do not announce the trains there. It reminds me of being back in Peru. I couldn't hop on a Platform 9 3/4 train either from there, I'll just have to wait for London to see that...

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