Tools For The Journey

As Alice going through “the rabbit hole” there are a few things that I’ve learned along the way to help me get through it. Now I’ve surrender to my higher power to ask for some guidance along the way to be honest. It’s best to ask the higher power what to do rather than the people who you interact with every day, it’s best to be connected to the source with this one. People who you act with every day might not have the same approach as you would to this nor would they be that open. It’s best to trust your intuition on this one. It’s a personal journey for all of us. Happiness is our birthright. We must embrace it; love ourselves from the inside in & to learn the art of being a parent to ourselves. There’s something magical about connecting to our higher power. Do you think that the great leaders, inventors, artist or musicians couldn’t have accomplished what they have done without listing to their intuition & following their passions? Your crazy to think otherwise. It’s all about being true to your “calling” & accepting it as what is nothing less, nothing more. I saw a great blog post on the Daily Love about following your calling: No Matter What Your Going Through This Will Brighten Your Day!  
Let’s just say that I found some tools to get threw the rabbit hole!
  •       Start my day off with Reading The Daily Love, YES! I LOVE reading it. I even get disappointed if it doesn’t show up first thing! There’s so much goodness in it!
  •       EFT or Tapping on meridians/acupressure points to release the negative qi in the body! It’s great to reline the energy! It’s a wonderful practice for PTSD! I LOVE IT! You can find more about it on:
  •      Go threw your clothes & donate what no longer serves you! Yes, it might take a bit of effort with it! I’ve gone threw so much lately that I just needed to let go for quite a bit of time.  It’s amazing to let it go. Oh, if you have old worn out jackets your local Patagonia shop will recycle them for you at no cost.
  •       Kundalini yoga is amazing. It’s a real shift from doing hatha or bikrim, but it works! Incorporate it in your daily practice!
  •       Oh, there’s some great truth in reading a spiritual text or quotation first thing in the morning!
  •      Journaling is amazing! Just get what you need to release & set it free. Also, don’t be afraid to do that “burning man” on what you want to get rid of in the universe & set your spirit free!
  •       Mediation is brilliant! LOVE it! Let it come to you! It doesn’t matter what type you, as along as you do it! Go for it. Let it all shine on, like the moon, sun & stars…
  •       Listen to some good music
  •       Write out your “I am…” statements & read them every day! Visualize a better & more positive life! There’s beauty in it!
  •      Do the Passion Test & write out your passions & read them, feel them & visualize them daily! Trust that the universe is working in your favor!
  •       Be POSITIVE & don’t let others get your down!
This is only a few items of my endless list. Yes, my list is endless, but it’s ok to keep on experimenting what the source is guiding you to! Listen to, seek intuition & let it shine! There’s a lot of truth into listing to your intuition! Go for it! Connect to your higher source! Let the awakening progress do it’s magic & shine! Get it girl, get it, get it! You’re the one that is in the drivers seat; no one else can do this for you. You must be the change that you want to see in the world. Go out & let it shine!

"If I’d thought about it I never would’ve done it, I guess I would’ve let it slide
If I’d lived my life by what others were thinkin’, the heart inside me would’ve died
I was just too stubborn to ever be governed by enforced insanity
Someone had to reach for the risin’ star, I guess it was up to me"
~Bob Dylan

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