JetBlue Flying Somewhere Over Boston
Ah, the day before Thanksgiving. I’m up & at them as the early bird catches the worm. Apparently all of the country has been under a massive storm warning. I was very grateful for my uncle to offer me to spend the holiday with him if my flight out of Logan got canceled. I am extremely grateful for a friend of mine to drive me bright ‘n early to the C&J Bus Station this morning to catch the bus to Logan. Well, I arrived early. The weather was crazy with treacherous rain rather than snow.   In a way that is a good thing, but hopefully it doesn’t freeze & becomes rather icy.  It reminded me of typhoon season. You can never tell what Mother Nature is going to give you this time of the year though. It was pretty mild too early this morning. I did make it to C&J safely very early. I bought my ticket ahead of time online. Yes, they do offer them, which is great! I don’t think that they have a ticket booth in Logan if you’re looking for one if you happened to forget to get a ticket. Oh, the friendly staff at C&J will even take your mail to be mailed for you. They do offer hot beverages & bagels as snacks too. However, since I have gone gluten free, the bagel was out of the question but a cuppa of green tea was had. I did make it to Terminal C, JetBlue, at Logan way before my flight. I was extremely grateful that I found a very helpful agent at the counter who was kind to give me standby for an earlier fight that I was schedule for. JetBlue is great with wavering the fees to change your flight during bad weather, I had made a change late yesterday afternoon. Three times the charm with changing my flight. I took the Standby & even better when I went to go threw the TSA Security Screening, I was bumped up to a special queue. I did take off my belt cos I’m so used to getting prepared early in queue; some things are just on “automatic robotic” mode. I found out that I didn’t need to take off my shoes or belt to go threw the screaner. Ah, it fleet like home to me in a way cos every other country that I have been to doesn’t require some of the “over protectiveness” like America does. 
Just a heads up if you are gluten free or vegan or a combination of the two, word to the wise, better to pack your own snacks cos they don’t offer much for special dietary needs. I noticed that while I was at Starbucks this morning getting a Chai Latte with Soy, they have Soy Milk but not Almond Milk.  It’s kind of sad if you think about it, since you can get pretty much anything you want in America, it’s hard to find special diet needs at the airport. I had to laugh when a friend of mine texted me from South Station yesterday telling me how bad the food options were there. Come on, haven’t those documentaries about the food industry speak to improving Americans overall mental health or that we are in the “age of Aquarius” where we are going threw a massive shift to be more heart center, mean anything to our food options while traveling? Wake up & get with the program, would you. Take the small steps to change, but if others won’t do it, be the great change that you want to be. Embrace fear & be comfortable with the uncertainty.  It’s hard for me in Latin America to find a vegetarian option as well. Hello, wake up & smell the coffee, be of service to your people & make the world go round. It’s not going to hurt you one bit your profit might grow. I was in luck on the plane since Jet Blue, does offer both snacks & snacks that are gluten free.
I’m on the plane, but I’m more grateful to be headed to Florida. Exact destination the Gulf Coast around Boca Grande to be precise. I found myself naturalizing a bit about penguins while I was in queue boarding the flight.  A mother of two boys told me that she liked my penguin on my fleece. She asked me what kind. I said Adelie & said that I got it while I was in Antarctica. Next thing I knew I was naturalizing about them & even the Galapagos Penguins too. I do have this teacher aura around me. Funny, the Deepak & Oprah mediation today, talked about being a teacher. Must have been in alignment with something. I did listen to the online class that I’m doing on my iPhone on the bus to the airport though. I must admit that I look like a beatnik crossed with a hipster artist out of the East Village as my creative self boarded the plane. I did have a flannel on too, I’m stylish for fall/winter in the Maine woods, you could say…
I am grateful to spend time with my family. Got to love them for whom they are. Earlier this week I was deeply saddened with the news of a friend of mine’s passing. Funny how those moments teach you how to deepen your love for the one that has gone before you & especially for the power of love. Love has no opposites love is beautiful & blissful. I am blessed to have meant this kinder free spirit who danced to his own beat. He was unique for sure. I do love creative souls who dance to their own beat. Sometimes with certain friends they become your family. This one was, since it was a close family friend. I send my love out to his family & of course to all members of my family (both blood related & soul related). I am grateful to have family in my life helping me along the way.
Abraham Lincoln did sign a bill shortly after the Civil War to make Thanksgiving a national holiday. In my opinion, we shouldn’t need one day a year to remind ourselves to have a sense of gratitude & thankfulness; it should be every day that we embrace acts of thanks. Everyone in the world could benefit with the small practices of gratitude, it’s not just an American principle, but also really a universal spiritual law. Even the smallest moments from giving a stranger a smile, being happy for others successes, holding the door open for someone, for the food we eat to living on Mother Earth are acts of gratitude. One of my daily practices is to start my day with writing out everything that I am grateful of. To be aligned to what is & to accept what the present moment brings is where the real beauty comes into place.
Well, my cousin picked me up at Fort Myers International Airport. Let the crazy family adventure unfold. Got to remind myself of the small acts, moment by moment of gratitude in the present moment. Hopefully, my inner work doesn’t get blown up in my face & I can hold my ground. I do love this Ram Dass quote, its soo true in a lot of respects, “If you think you are enlightened; go home for Thanksgiving.”

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