Happy Soul's Day

School Street, Kennebunkport Maine
“When your heart speaks, listen”, I forgot who actually said this quote. With living with high frequencies there are a few things to take into consideration to start to live you best life in this lifetime:
·      The power of prayer & mediation has a very important force for you to grow. Take time to get still & set your intentions into the universe, they will unfold into something great. Start your day with thanking the universe for all of the wonderful gifts you have, small & big. Sit in silence for about twenty minutes both morning & night to let yourself grow.
·      Make time to exercise either by walking, yoga, swimming, going to the gym, boot camp, running/jogging, martial arts, hiking, scuba diving, etc. Take the time for your body by exercising; it actually moves the prana/energy  flow throughout your body.
·      Take time to declutter. Yes, purging is very healthy for you. Go out & clean out that junk draw, your closet, your car, your desk, you get the picture. Burn items that no longer serve you. Really look at an item & ask yourself if you actually love it & do I need this item, if not then get rid of it. By practicing this it will create space for great things. Get rid of the stuff that’s holding you back & increase space to be open to receiving new things.
·      Eat well! Eat for your higher vibration. Once you start connecting to the source, things that you once were able to eat no longer serves you. Eat a diet filled with more greens & protein. Stay away from or cut back on gluten, soda, alcohol, friend foods, processed foods, sugars, carbohydrates, dairy & those ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Take time to really change your diet cos it can save your life. Work on being healthy from the inside out, not waiting for the outside to come to you. Your mind will function with clarity once you start to eat healthy! Take a look at the book, It Starts With Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig to take the leap into the thirty days of changing your diet, change your thoughts & changing your life for goodness!
·      Fall in Love with yourself! Yup, it comes from within. The real art of the whole progress is your self love. Go on dive right in with telling yourself that you love yourself exactly how you are.  Acceptance of yourself & where you are on this journey. It’s all about learning the art of self patience. Work on your “I am…” statements & practice them over & over again!
·      Practice random acts of kindness. It’s not going to hurt you if you pay the toll for the car behind you. Give more than your fair share of the time. Donate to Charity. Surprise an old friend. Send love out to the world by prayer & mediation. The law of karma will come back & give you great things. Just be open to receiving items. Don’t be looking to give to get items cos that is not how it works out there.
·      Follow your hear & live from it. Get rid of what your mind is telling you. Trust your heart & intuition. It won’t steer you wrong.
·      Listen. Clear your mind & become still. Listen to the space you have created.
·      Let go of fear & self doubts. Don’t compare yourself to others; just honor your own progress.
Every day should be all souls day. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, just work on yourself first & let it all fall into place. Get rid of the hurry up & wait mentality. Let go of labels. Just let yourself be the dancer in the dance. 

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