Love Me That Dirty Water

Boston Strong Love Quilt
I’ve been trying to do something a wee bit different each time I visit Boston. A few days ago, I decided to finally make my way over to the Fenway to go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  I went to see the famous courtyard, which is amazing. I felt transplanted back to Europe while I was there. I immediately could tap into the energy of the place. Word to the wise, you are not allowed to photograph or use your mobile phone in the museum.  I was impressed with the rich collection of from Isabella’s travels threw Europe in Asia. I immediately felt a connection with her; perhaps that I could see some of my own self there since I’m a huge art collector in my travels. Art is full of sixth chakra energy & when an artist creates from a very special energy field, it’s just amazing. The creative process is on going, you don’t stop when childhood ends, you have to continue the dance despite the criticism from family, school, society, the media to name a few of the sources of mixed messages that block your creative sprout. The museum cannot be changed & it’s exactly how it was when Isabella opened it back in 1903. Sad to say that the museum became famous from a heist back in 1990 where thirteen works of art were stolen. However, the frames of the stolen art can still be seen in the Dutch Room where a Rembrandt’s The Storm of the Sea of Galilee once lived. I feel in love with the 15th Century Venetian place design that is home to an amazing garden. I enjoyed walking around the building cos it reminded me of the feel of being back in Europe with big open rooms with incredible works of art. I highly suggest making a trip there.
Boston Marathon
Happy Spectators at the Finish Line
I actually got to enjoy Marathon Monday for the first time.  I ended up talking a long walk to see what the craic was all about for the Boston Marathon. The Marathon is the world’s oldest, always held on Patriot’s Day, which is a holiday in Massachusetts.  I just learned that the marathon was inspired by the first modern day marathon competition of the 1896 Summer Olympics. Since 1897, the Boston Athletic Association  (BAA) has managed the event. Each year the marathon attracts roughly 500,000 spectators that is New England’s most widely viewed sporting event. I didn’t realize what a massive center of operations that the BAA puts on in the city. I found myself walking through the Boston Commons where there were some beautiful quilts of messages of love from all across America. The quilts were very moving to see. I did find myself signing a quilt with a message of love. I think that the organization America 4 Boston was the ones who sponsor the project & Thousand of Messages Across America cos I saw a van with the words on it. It was beautiful to see the many messages across the country. I did feel very safe walking up Newbury Street & being in the crowd watching the Marathon for a bit on Newbury & Boylston Streets. There was a very moving force of a higher vibration of love there. It was very overwhelming to take in.
Overall I did enjoy my time in the city with some new finds. You never know where the days will take you. It’s always fun to go & get yourself lost, just hit the streets with no place special in mind, see where it takes you. Love Me That Dirty Water…

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