Camden Evening

Nested in the Midcoast Maine Region is quite the charming small coastal town, Camden. It’s home to the Camden Snow Bowl, Camden Hills State Park, shipbuilding, amazing food scene with fresh seafood & the farm to take approach, & not to forget an artist mecca. Ah, I’m in love with the area, it’s quite charming. I’ve been coming to the area since I was a child, but now in adult hood, I’ve been really exploring. I found Reny’s for your Maine Adventure for “the Maine Department Store” it’s quite the experience & it’s right next door to an amazing eco friendly green laundry mat Clean Bee Laundry .  I discover some yummy Thai food at Long Grain at 31 Elm Street, the do do take away. I had some yummy tofu noodle dish that I could barely finish that had fresh kale in it. It felt so good for my body to have some fresh greens; I felt a radiant charge of energy. The streets are awesome to wander around to walk around actual stores not your typical T-shirt shops that you see all along the Maine Coast. There are plenty of galleries too to take a look in. I enjoyed my evening hanging out with my fellow Young Artist friends from Maine Media Workshops. It’s nice to be around creative souls who know the art of having fun & living life fearlessly. Camden is a great spot to check out while exploring the Midcoast Maine Region. 

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