Om Gayte Para Ram Gayte

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”
~Mother Teresa
For my birthday week, yes, I did turn another year old. Let’s just say that I let it unfold naturally rather than stressing about all of the things that I haven’t accomplished yet. Trust me that I’ve been there plenty of times before looking at my life during that week in years past letting my “hamster” compare me to family members & society on the experiences that I haven’t had yet, that I should have had by now. But this time around it was like my inner self saying, “Chris you have done quite a bit, you really have learned how to be you in this world, you have been to some amazing places, you have been up close to glaciers in Alaska, you have kissed a whale, you know who to travel around NYC like a local, you know how to be honest & real with yourself & you do know how to take down time to your advantage”. I found myself embracing the “NOW”.  I had some lovely surprises from Japan with a friend of mine wishing me a Happy Birthday a week in advance & another one asking for my address to ship my pressie.
Goose Rocks Beach, Maine
I finished a beautiful 21 day mediation challenge, “The Spirit of Mantra” by Deva Premal & Miten on the Mentors Channel. I didn’t really buy into “spiritual entertainment” by listing to the entire Hay House World Summit, but rather choose to listen to only one talk to remind me of the importance of doing the inner work. I took part in a Panache Desai live mediation & book talk an event that was brought to you by The Omega Institute . I love hearing this guy talk. He’s so real & reminds you that there is nothing wrong with you! He takes you to the scared soul place very quickly in his meditation. I felt like I was buzzing with vibrations. We are all vibrating energy; it’s about raising our vibration frequency to the source energy.  There’s a great Omega article by Panache to check out, You Are Not Broken.  There’s some amazing stuff out there. I did acupuncture, yoga & a vibration reading too, really some good stuff for my inner soul light to keep on shining. Yes, got to be true to me & not let judgment from others, especially family members not to take a hold of me to slip into darkness. It’s sad to see that most can’t see what real beauty is without releasing the emotional attachment to it. Come on, really, learn the art of being true to yourself. Take care of you first is the most important thing; know that it’s healthy for the inside to do all the work. Happiness is our birthright; learn the art of self love & acceptance, put down your barriers.
“When you get to a place, Christine, where you're seeing the positive in others more than the negative, it means you're doing the same for yourself.
You amazing, wondrous vessel of spontaneity, creativity, beauty and strength”
    ~The Universe
Our lives are changing more rapidly these days with the shift that are going on with raising the heart level consciousness of Mother Earth. We just have to adapt to them at a much quicker rater. Global warming is real, it’s happening all around us. The way we think about things are changing, sorry there was no “news wheel” special to tell us. The world of the past is gone, we just have to embrace it, not wait for it to go back to the way things were. It’s about making peace with it, embracing the “NOW” to manifest what you truly desire. It’s ok to go threw a mourning period, to take what you learned from it & move ahead with trying new things. Our thinking has to change to make room for the abundance of goodness. It’s more of changing the feelings into more positive & healthy ones. What is my passion that I can show the world? Is the bigger question, don’t cling to the old believes, embrace this time to make some serious decisions about how you can change the world.
I stumbled upon a brilliant TED Talk by Jamie Oliver, Teach Every Child About Food. There’s a huge wake up call for Americans to change their diets. Sad to say that kids today don’t even know what a “potato” is. There’s a crying wake up call to change the diet to promote a much more healthier life span than making obesity America’s number one cause of death. It’s worth your time to watch this brilliant talk to change the future of America. Sad to say that America is not the healthiest nation in terms of diet, with fast food taking a hold with super size portions & the junk that companies put into food. Real farm to table local grown food is lacking in the mainstream diet. It’s about bringing the “art” of cooking back to the kitchens of the home. Honor yourself with healthy food; it will trickle down to your thinking that will bring about wonderful positive effects for you. Eat your meals in a healthy environment without the news blasting with negativity & your own self anger. Play some music, light candles, & come to the whole process from a loving environment.  Our bodies are an expression of our soul. Be true to yourself!  Our systems need to change. It’s about taking that journey inward to find what works for our inner self to radiate goodness from the inside out rather than the old systems of the outside in. It’s a revolution from within!
Also, take a look at the Sting talk too on TED, How I Started To Write Songs Again  . This was truly beautiful to watch.
"Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems
most challenging."
~Joseph Campbell
There’s some great article on the Huffington Post 14 Ways to Bust Out Of A Creativity Rut, 10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Children & 10 Things Creative People Do are great to take a look at  for inspiration to revisit the ideas to get your creativity back. Creativity is what is going to save you from the “cookie cutter” world, it will allow you to go out & play to have the space from the inside making your dreams come true. Learn the art of creativity. Let go of the person who you used to be, let go of all fear that takes a hold in the form of anxiety, free yourself of inner hatred, stop self judgment & seriously work on you to set yourself free. Once you start to change from the inside your hold world will shift in great ways!
Beet Root Chip, Vinland
I will admit that I found myself in a cantina for a wee bit of “happy hour” with an old friend at Pedro's. They have excellent margaritas, tacos & chips n’ salsa for “happy hour”. I found out that they use corn tortilla’s for the tacos, phew cos they are gluten free & they are “the right way” to eat a taco in my book cos it’s authentically the “right way” to eat them like they do in Mexico. I can’t stand that Americas have to make their own twist on the original item marketing it as “authentic Mexican” when it is not.  The restaurant reminded me of being back in Baja in a way. I loved the bright colors & all of the traditional Mexican art. Love Fridays at the Portland Museum of Art cos after 5PM it’s free. I went in briefly to see Richard Estes’ Realism. It was amazing! I was in love with the photo realism, the painting made me feel that I was transported right into the place. The painting “Antarctica” pulled me in instantanly, it reminded me of being back in the “White Continent”, Hiroshima, New York & Midcoast Maine paintings were not too far behind. I highly recommend spending a wee bit at time at the museum. Like I said, that my visit was short due to a dinner reservation across the street at Vinland, American’s first 100% Organic restaurant, to serve all local source food found only in Maine. According the restaurant’s website “Vinland is forging a distinctly Maine cuisine. Drawing from indigenous food traditions along with those of the Acadians, New Englanders, and other peoples of the North Atlantic, the cuisine of Vinland is an expression of our place and history. Yet the mission is as much about ecology, building the local economy, and teaching good nutrition as it is about great food. We see these four elements as inextricable and mutually reinforcing.” I highly recommend experiencing so much sexy goodness with food that is beautifully presentation with fresh local ingredients. It’s very small but has a lot of charm. The fish dishes are wonderful. Oh so much goodness went into my cells at this place. I highly recommend.
“People tell me it’s a sin
To know & feel too much within.”
~Bob Dylan
Vibrational Yoga
I will admit that a very sweet thing happened to me. I was at my sister’s best friends bridal shower & when she opened my pressie to show the guest they all applauded cos they found my work beautiful. I was touch. They asked me if I had a business card & the next thing was the I had my mom going into my bag to pass along some of my “whale cards” aka my business cards to the guest. I was busy taking photos of the event & had a lovely time. After the shower, I did decide to go take a plunge in the Little River at Goose Rocks Beach for a rebirth for my birthday. Ah, the water wasn’t too bad, I knew better than going for a swim in the open ocean where it would be a wee bit colder. It felt good. I did notice something inside of me that I was able to get into the water faster than before, by just doing it rather than just wadding around like previous years. It was like an “ah ha” moment went off that all the work I’m doing on me is actually working. Yipee! I was screaming with excitement when I got out of the water like Rocky. Oh well, it was a beautiful day. I had to embrace it.

I have learned a lot since I have learned the art of self acceptance, since I dove straight into this very strong to save myself this time around by letting love from the inside shine. It’s about being true to your inner self & standing up tall in what you believe in. It’s about creating healthy boundaries for you rather than being consumed with what others who are “fearful” of you want for you. It’s all about connecting to “source” & letting love shine.
I did enjoy an amazing yoga class with my friend Melissa Boyd on my actual birthday. Vibrational Yoga was held at Greener Postures Yoga Green Posture Yoga in West Falmouth, Maine. I will admit that this is probably one of the longest yoga retreats that I’ve done, but worth it. It was a time for me to do something for me & only me. That’s really how I wanted to spend the day. I didn’t really want to spend it with people who wanted to do something special for me that I didn’t want to do. I just felt like doing some “me” time from the inside out to keep on marching my shine on love light of my higher vibrational soul. It was nice to go threw the seven chakras, toning the body with Solfeggio Tones & having a gallery reading at the end. I read a great article on Mind Body Green by Deepak Chopra about chakras What Everyone Needs To Know About Their Chakras. It was nice to hear messages from loved ones who have crossed to be a real inspiration for living in the “NOW” with the insight from the other side.
Om Frog
The truth is that we are more alike deep down. We all have the same fears of fitting in & finding that place we love to call “home is where the heart is”. Once we open up & embrace the “NOW” we can see that the barriers, insecurities of our identity & past belief systems tend to fall away. It’s about going deeper into our own selves. Seriously start your own wake up call to work on yourself. The reward for you first is the beauty & then it will radiate onto others. Keep on shining your love light on! Go on find some time to play & have fun! Take a look at children & notice that they laugh much more than our adult self’s; it’s about getting connected to our child like self that didn’t die but got buried in our minds. Forget about being a perfectionist.  Fun should be transformed into joy every day. Have some creative playtime daily. Start to believe in yourself! Namaste
“Catch your dreams before they slip away.”
~The Rollin Stones

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