Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse
Maine has some amazing lighthouses. Yes, that’s for sure. You might have noticed them threw Hollywood or any of the many travel publications. I’ve stumbled upon a couple in the last week. The  Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse is situated at the end of a very long breakwater that protects Rockland Harbor. It’s a fabulous place to take a walk out to inhale the beauty of the place. Marshall Point Lighthouse is probably most famously remembered as the “Forest Gump” lighthouse. It’s really not that hard to find in Point Clyde, but it’s located off of backloads & just use a bit of travel wise to follow the signs. It’s a fabulous place to go explore the rocky coast of Maine. Honestly, you’ll never get too board with discovering lighthouses along the coast of Maine. There are some very spectacular ones, just brace yourself for an adventure to get to them. 
Marshall Point Lighouse

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