Up a Mountain In Maine

Camden Harbor & Penobscot Bay
View from Mt Battie
There’s a place in Camden that I only have been able to recall from an old photograph that was taken of me when I was a wee one. For some reason, I’ve been getting visions of that photograph since I’ve been up here. It’s a photo of my mom & myself at Mt Battie in the Camden Hills State Park. The park is just north of downtown Camden on the coast directly off of US Route 1.  It attracts many hikers, campers, sightseers, picnickers, locals, photographers & many outdoor enthusiasts yearly.  Honestly, I don’t recall the moment personally & kept on asking what was this place growing up. Well, I decided to take a wee bit of an adventure for the afternoon yesterday. I found my way up to Mt Battie. I decided to take a wee peak of the place. Since it’s a Maine State Park, residents of Maine do get in for a lesser price than non residents. I found out that the fee is only $3 per a person regardless if you’re walking or driving. So a carfuls can easily add up quickly. It was only me, myself & I so, I figure to give it a shot. I was going to hike it, but oh well, with the heat; I decided to take the auto road to the top of the summit. It was a short drive up, unlike the one over at Mt Washington in North Conway, NH, that I haven’t done, but only have heard stories of. Mt Battie is 780’ above sea level, a beautiful coastal mountain on the coast of Maine. The last time I drove up a mountain was somewhere in Colorado, where a friend of mine & myself drove up some mountain that I can’t recall the name of & found Billy The Kids gravestone at the top. I believe that the mountain was somewhere near Golden, Colorado. I will admit that the top of Mt Battie has some spectacular panoramic views of Penobscot Bay & Camden Harbor.  I thought that I was the only one enjoying the view, but there were a few others up there. I found some fellow Maine Media Workshop folks as well who were taking a digital film class. Apparently my wide angle 17-40 lens with a polarizer came in handy for them for a lesson demonstration. I was able to check out a CN series lens for a few minutes when they were using mine. The instructor just decided to try my lens for a bit by swapping mine for the professional cinema photography lens. Oh, well, I didn’t mind at all. I could tell that they were eyeing my lens & the fact that I have a 7D, but will admit that I don’t make films from it only stills. I enjoyed using the 35mm for a bit.  It’s nice to be able to try out new things that are amazing. I did have a lot of fun hanging out with the class for a bit on top of the old stone tower on Mt Battie. Overall it was a successful afternoon. It was nice to escape in nature for a bit to give my soul the healing that it needed. It’s a nice place to recharge for a bit & to forget about all of your worries. 

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