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Swan at Galway Prom 
Lately, I’ve been in a healing funk. What are you talking about? Yeah, a healing funk? That’s right when you do loads of release work on yourself and just know that it’s for the best. Somehow spirit has guided me back to Ireland to do some healing work. I’m at the place right now where I must take ownership of who I truly am from the inside and to let it radiant it onto others. More like stepping into oneness and owning it. I’m might sound like I’m from another planet, but that’s just how it is for me these days. I came back to Ireland to do some work on me with having a wee bit for adventure.
Let’s see, this time around, I had to narrow it down. Sad to say that I won’t make it to the North or to Cork, but that’s ok, there’s always room for more on the next time around. I found myself back in Galway for the past several days. Loving the small charm of this artsy cultural city. I’m just blending in like a local more or less. I’ve found some good local spots too. Let’s see, my recommendations are as follows:
·      Hooked was excellent for gluten free fish ‘n chips. I mean it’s hands down the best gluten free fish ‘n chips that I have tasted in this world and for eight Euros the portion was huge and filling. It’s worth the trip to West Galway for this place. So good. Mouth watering delicious!
·       The Secret Garden is a charming teahouse and café in West Galway. It’s a nice place to sit down, rest the weary mind and to chill out for a wee bit. They have excellent raw and gluten free cakes too! Great spot in West Galway.
·       Boojum is a casual Mexican place. They have great tacos dirt cheap. It’s a local Irish chain with locations in Dublin and Belfast, but if you want something quick and easy this is the place to go. It’s just located across from the Galway City Museum .
·      Kashmir  is a wee bit pricey, but they do serve up the best Indian in the city. I haven’t been able to get the taste out of my mouth since the last time that I ate here, it’s that good. Go early to catch the “early bird special”, the early bird catches the worm, for twenty Euros you get an appetizer, main and a glass of wine. The portions are huge. Go on an empty stomach. I had a full Buddha belly after eating here. I was so full, but it’s worth the nice treat. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself!
·       WA Cafe is a charming Japanese café. I quite enjoyed a lovely fish bento there for dinner. I wish that I would have some time to take part in the cooking classes over the weekend to learn how to make your own sushi, but it’s not going to fly this time around. It’s located down in the Docklands.
I did take the time to see a bit of the country too, I had an amazing visit back to Connemara. To off set the cost a bit, I actually snagged a deal going on a tour with Galway Tour Company Galway Tour Company from Snoozles Hostel that I’m staying at. I was happy to see loads of sheep, lambs and horses on my adventure. Soaking up the beauty of the Connemara Region and not to forget a trip to  Kylemore Abbey. This time I didn’t get blown away from gail force winds and actually made it down to the gardens. The gardens were worth the trip. There are excellent trails to be found and grabbing a cuppa with a bowl of soup in the café is always enjoyable.
Overall, my time in Galway has been just grand. However, I’m making my way out to the country to visit some family. Yes, I do have some family over here and it will be nice to see them. Funny, how I can just pick up some resemblances with the cultural from across the pond rather quickly. Must rest up, but I haven’t stopped since I have gotten back. Enjoying being in the now and chasing the light. There’s loads of things to explore and it’s rather nice to strike up random conversations with anyone from spirituality to how’s the weather. Just seeing things with new eyes now…

Victorian Garden at Kylemore Abbey

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