(Remember, Remember, Rember) Be Here Now...

Mindfulness Walking Meditation
“The greatest difficulty is the mental resistance to things that arise, and the underlying assumption that they should not.”
Eckhart Tolle

Sound Therapy With Gongs, etc...

Sometimes you just have to escape for a wee bit to really get back to you. I just had an amazing weekend out at the Boghill Center where I meant some brilliant souls! Spirit guided me out there by getting in touch with a cousin’s wife, Sharon Fitzmaurice  who is a mindfulness & motivation - awaken your potential teacher. Sharon is a wonderful lady, full of spark and brilliant energy, she does know how to shake a groove too. Honestly, I didn’t know what type of craic I would be up to with her. I wasn’t nervous in the sense with what am I doing, but knew that I needed to spend some in going deeper within myself. I have done loads of inner work over the past few days (not to mention what I have done ever since I left Japan that’s it’s an on going journey), found sound craic, let go of the past, ate loads of yummy vegetarian food and made lasting friends who are on the same journey as myself. I might have meant a cousin too, with one lad who had the same surname as my mother’s maiden name. Funny, how as I kept on listing to other stories, I saw some of the same similarities with myself in them. One of the ladies who work at the center referred to me as “Boston Lady”, I quite enjoyed the communal environment and rather quick bonding experience as our own little family unit. I really don’t have words to say about my experience right now cos I’m working on integrating. All what I got to say is that live in the moment is best thing ever!  A rhythm of the soul was the theme of the weekend! I found what stepping into oneness is all about and just got to remind myself that (Remember), Be Here Now is what awakening to your full potential is all about! 



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