A Great Way to Start Your Day...

The Cards I Drew For Myself While on Nantucket 
What a perfect way to start your morning off with increasing your vibration to the highest level. In addition to my morning journaling, I draw a few of my cards from my Soulful Seer Tarot Card Deck for inspiration from the Divine to get me threw the day! Messages of love in its highest form to go about my day. Debuting 22 cards in my first deck with images and a watercolour painting all crafted by myself. The messages have been guided to me from the Divine to increase the LOVE vibration filled with moments of JOY! Each set comes with a Rose Quartz, the stone for the heart chakra. Remember to love yourself fist and then let it radiate outwards. Place the stone on top of the deck to increase the love vibration. The cards are sold for $20USD plus shipping and will be happy to ship them world wide. Please email me at info@christineanuszewskiphotography.com for more details!

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