The Power of Believe

The first thing I think of when I see my Soulful Seer-Soulful Deck in particularly with my Believe Card is how powerful the word Believe is actually. The lyrics from "Believe" by John Butler Trio come to mind, "Theres no need to cry Just hold your head up high All you got to do is Believe...In your self" There is real beauty in the power to believe. Remember that we are all vibration beings full of radiant energy, prana or life force. It's from this power that we can use The Law of Attraction to create and manifest everything we need to live on Earth, both good and bad. Look at the power from within and start trusting your intuition to create a better life for yourself and more importantly one in which you Believe you deserve. Aim high, tap into your full potential and live the life of your dreams. Challenge your own Beliefs that are no longer serving your highest good! 🛍👉

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