The Two Most Powerful Words

So many of us are still held hostage by the voice in our head, aka the ego not letting us to receive the best that the Present Moment has to offer us! My Soulful Seer-Soulful Deck has been created from my own progress of deepening my own intuition and honoring myself not what my family or society wants me to believe! I am are the two most powerful words that you can say to yourself! I'm so grateful to have really learned a lot by reading Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" to show me the way. It wasn't until to started to take responsibility for my own actions that my world had changed. I learnt that dis-ease is caused by our emotions. I take time every morning to say my affirmations that begin with the words I am! I am creating the light that the world needs. I am loved. I am a believer. I am receiving the money I need to pay my bills. I am peace. I am worthy of the life I say I want. I am now working on my Life Purpose. I am at home in my body. All of my friendships are meaningful and rewarding. I am loved and nourished by all around me. There are infinite possibilities of daily affirmations. Keep on saying them. Keep the faith and put the powerful of the belief into action. You have the power to create the life that you deserve. Happiness is and inside job, it's our birth right. Only you can make yourself happy. 🛍👉

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