The Power of Forgiveness...

There's a great power with forgiveness. Sometimes we are all faced with an act that is not called for in our lives where our personal space or selves have been violated. Some may have gone through some sort of trauma, assault, terrorism, school/mass shooting, war, violence, sexual attack/assault, discrimination, loss, injury, theft, etc. It doesn't matter how server the act is.  The part of us that has felt violated has been wounded. There's not a doubt about this. A dimming to our sparkle you could say. In order to heal ourselves we must forgive ourselves for being hurt first and then forgive the other. It's not an easy thing to do, but rather a courageous one to do.

I recently read that Collette Baron Reid said this about Forgiveness, "Set yourself free from the internal, he said she said and focus only on your positive intentions for the highest good. It's uncomfortable setting boundaries sometimes but don't hold on to what doesn't serve you or the other. Forgiveness is about setting yourself free from the burden of negativity. The universe wants to co-create miracles with you, not more problems! Let It".

Forgiveness gives us the strength to move on. The real power comes from within, not from the external forces. We must surrender to our Higher Power, God, Universe, or whatever you want to call it. It's about setting ourselves free from the pain with the help from our inner source. A bottle of Jameson or red wine won't do the trick. When you start to seek the truth from within you can set yourself free by calling on that source to guide you. You are much stronger that you think. It's all about honoring yourself first and setting yourself free embracing the power of love. Let the power of love guide you each step of the way!

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