Support Artistans

When you are buying from an artist you are helping them out in a lot of ways. You may don’t realize that, many have bills to pay like yourself; some need to get back to family after an unexpected loss, some need help with therapy and other medical bills to move pass issues, put food in their mouths, gas/petrol in their gas tanks to get from place to place, some have to pay for education and so much more. Please think twice when you walk away from an artist before making that purchase.

Over the weekend, I had the privilege to do a couple of art shows. I drove up to Gardiner bright 'n early on Saturday and on Sunday, I went to Bandaloop new place over in Arundel. The amount of art that I see at these shows is incredible. So much talent and made with a lot of love. 

My links are the following: Etsy Shop and Society 6 Shop. Both has my inspiration products on it as well as some Coastal Maine, however, my Society 6 Shop is where you are going to find appeal, coasters, serving trays, posters, stickers, notebooks, bags, mobile phone cases, acrylic boxes, furniture and so much more. It's worth your time to check them out! Did I mention that The Holidays are around the corner...

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