Opportunity Strikes

I got a fortune cookie the other night from the Thai food that I had with my sister. I opened it and it said something about taking those one and a lifetime chances. That’s what I did to get to Antarctica! When a dream like that came from Lindblad Expeditions to go! What do you think I did, I choose to go! I only had like 24 hours to let them know that I was going and it was like 2 weeks for me to get my gear ready! By the way, it was a heat wave down there compared to the polar blast that swept the Northeast! I was thinking of the weather recently to be honest when I was in Quebec cos that’s one cold city! I was properly dressed for the occasion too! When you learnt to ski in Maine for your childhood, you know how to dress for the weather! Beauty is all around, even in the coldest environments on Earth! The penguins are fun to watch too!

A place dear to my heart and worth saving! The ice holds so much for us to learn about our planet! Imagine if we allowed the ice to melt, then most of our land by the coast will be washed away. It’s time to stand up for climate change and global warming is real! We must look at how we are affecting our planet with our actions. We must reduce, recycle and reuse and make those actions into a daily ritual. Our planet is worth saving. Our polar regions are beautiful!

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