Time to Fly!

Funny, the other morning when I sat down first thing before I meditated, I read a passage about "Flying" from the Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie! I've been using her books for a couple of years now and they have really made a difference in how I perceive things in life. It's my gateway drug as you could say before I sit down and mediate and do what else I need to give myself a kick start to the day!  As, I walk my path and discovery who I am, I must remember to live my authentic life and live from my heart, and my heart alone. Not what others want for me. I love the reminders that I get from time to time. Well, on this one particular day, I got two of them in synch with what I'm learning to do these days! It's a beautiful blessing you could say!

"Spread Your Wings and Fly

I sat on the ground on a dirt rad that wandered off a main highway in Idaho. I leaned against a tree and watched a mother eagle and her babies in a nest overhead. She sussed as she protected them, watching me closely, responding with her call to any noise she heard. She was very protective now, but someday it would be time to push them out of the nest. It would be time to teach them to fly.

Many of us have been pushed out of the nest. Something unexpected happened, and our world changed. We may have fought valiantly to get back to the nest, to return to the safety of life as we knew it. But life had pushed us out. We had no choice but to flap our wings and learn to fly the best we could. 

See how magical this time has been? See how much you've learned? With all of your fears and resistance, it has still been a grand and powerful time. You flailed around a bit, wondering who to trust. You tried to trust others, then found that didn't work. Finally you understood. The very lesson you were learning was that to trusting yourself.

You were learning to listen to and trust your inner voice. You were learning to open your heart. Despite all your fears, you have done a grand job. Look how much you've changed!

See all the powers you've gained? You've opened up to your healing powers, your creative power, too. You know and sense things in a way that used to seem beyond reach and now seems both magical and commonplace. Your instincts and intuition are finely tuned. Your inner voice is clear. And despite all your fears about being abandoned, you now see how much you are loved.

When life pokes and prods you, it's not punishment or abuse. You've being pushed out of the nest. Spread your wings and take flight. See how well you can fly.

~Melody Beattie 

I just love this reminder from my friend Sharon Fitzmaurice:

"Do you ever feel like your wings have been clipped and you are bogged down with life's routine? 
I used to feel that way until I made the decision to start believing in myself. People are quick to put you down when you start to create a new way of living or thinking, they really don't want you to change as it shows them how stuck they are in their own lives. 

The only person that can change your life is You. No matter what you want it can be achieved. Surround yourself with people who love and encourage the changes you are making. You only have to start with one small change which will in turn lead to many more changes. 

Accept each day that you will do your best to help yourself and all others who are willing. You can't force your opinions or beliefs on someone that has not yet decided that they are not ready to make a change. 

We wrap ourselves up in what we believe is a safe cocoon while life tempts us with adventure, creativity and passion. Only when you are ready, will you emerge from that dark cocoon, shaky at first, maybe a little apprehensive, but as soon as you find strength and courage to spread your wings, you will lift off and fly. It is not about how high you can fly, or how far you can go, it is about feeling the freedom of your choices and not being afraid to take that leap of faith and belief in yourself. Experience life and all it has to offer, you were born to be free."
 Love Sharon

Also, just stumbled across this reminder from my friend Melissa Boyd:

"Listen Deeply~Spread Your Wings. "

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