I've been having the lyrics of Bob Dylan's Slow Train Coming in my head, during these times. I know that it wasn't the album that got the lowest ratings, but there's so much beauty in it. It talks about Defy Gravity-Healing Beyond The Bounds of Reason by Caroline Myss, and it's beautiful! I have read her book Anatomy of Spirit and it's another great read. There was this beautiful passage in the chapter about connect with meaning and purpose.
being of service, being true to yourself and doing good for the Earth. Oh, I just love this one very much. During times of great changes I usually stumble upon some fantastic books out there. It's not an easy task when you are called to go deeper and deeper within yourself. This time, I'm reading

"Would doing what you love and being with people you love improve the quality of your life? Many people postpone taking time out of their busy schedules for occasional lunches or dinners with loved ones or old friends, telling themselves that it's impractical or unreasonable, given their workload. But that's precisely why you should perform these outrageous acts of love. Challenge that voice of reason in your head that always tells you to avoid the spontaneous and the intuitive. Listen to and follow that intuitive voice every now and then. Lean to trust that voice. "
~Caroline Myss 

As humans we are all looking for connection and meaning in everything we do. We all want to feel love and connected and we must connect to the oneness of all. Let go of the ego's need to be right and embrace the we-ness of all. Love all, serve all! It's a beautiful thing.

Oh, there's a great blog post by Gabby Bernstein, My Powerful 5 Step Method For Owing Your Greatness , it's an excellent read to get your mind thinking about new ways to improve yourself. Soak up that goodness with positive affirmations, what's working in your life, focus on your strengths, and working on compassion and self love.   

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