Raise Your What?

It’s all about changing how we precede things. We must raise or vibrations to change how things seem to us. Give me some good vibrations!
"When our vibrations are up … we respond to stressful situations with soundness, resilience and clearer discernment. We are less vulnerable to frustration, impatience, anger, anxiety, and we feel more self-secure and less critical of others and of ourselves. We are drawn to notice nature, flowers and trees that we usually sleep-walk past, as our preoccupations rob us of this gift of conscious connection."
– Doc Childre, HeartMath founder.

There's a great blog post by Gabby Bernstein
Vibes Speak Louder Than Words that is worth a read to learn more about raising your vibration! 

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This is beautiful mediation from my friend Melissa Boyd, I have used it on several occasions to help me with a lot of areas in my life. It is also a "go to" before a photo shoot to help me get more grounded to the present moment. I hope that you will find beauty in it! Melissa always reminds us that we are energy first. So we must take care of our own energy before becoming service to others! Many blessings! 

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