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I'm just being me and being of some help if you are like me and been experience a heighten sense of emotional unrest in your brain. Right now, I'm actually digging a meditation program that encompasses sound therapy to rewire your brain and brings into balance and harmony. If you are called to make changes with music, then by all means follow your inner compass. I'm not a guru as a friend of mine likes to call me, but just a wise person who is looking deep within to help me and has a gift to help others. But lately, non attachment and impermanence as the Buddha taught has come up for me and entering into a deeper space of forgiveness to end the resistance to myself as well...

“You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer. In that kind of relationship you have enough love, strength and awakening in order to change your life." ~Thich Nhat Han
I even broke down crying in front of my sister a few times and reached out to the friends that I knew I could go to. Some were very kind to remind of the non attachment and non judging. Some of the emotions, I haven't felt since "my Dark Ages" as I like to refer to my high school years as I spent it utterly depressed and miserable inside and some are creeping up when my world fell apart during my second year of Japan. Some emotions are from not hearing from loved ones that I really do love and wonder if I have been truly forgotten about too... As Pema Chödrön said, "nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know..."

Yes, it's a constant battle when you spent your childhood being at war with yourself simply because you just don't fit into the box (meaning being dyslexic) and see things at a much greater level. Also, my gifts need to come out and shine and not do things to make others happy. True beauty and happiness come from the inside. They are inside all of us, they are not external.

I recently wrote to Centerpoint Research Center asking them about my questions after a week of being extremely vulnerable with major unrest in my brain. They came back and wrote me rather a lengthy email; I needed to hear the message to be honest. I'm sharing it because I feel this is a topic that doesn't get talked about enough in the world. It comes down to doing the deep inner work that we need to do on ourselves to live a life of peace within ourselves first so we can radiate our light onto others.

"Heightened emotional sensitivity is a common sign. Right now, things that you might normally ignore, can really hit you hard. It's a good idea to be mindful of your increased tendency to be reactionary for now, and try not to make punching bags out of others or yourself.

When we feel like being picky about our terms, we like to make a distinction between overwhelm and upheaval. Overwhelm is a process. It's neither good nor bad, dramatic nor subtle. It's what happens to your system by listening to Holosync.

Upheaval is a manifestation of overwhelm. It's a result, or by-product of the process of overwhelm. Upheaval usually means something is coming up. Some kind of unresolved mental or emotional material is making its way to the surface. When we subconsciously resist this process (which is most of the time during the initial weeks of the program), we find ourselves experiencing some kind of discomfort. We feel fatigue. We feel angry or depressed. We might cry a lot or seek out comfort from others. Or we might feel emotionally numb and withdraw from others. Lots of possibilities.

When we don't resist the process, we find that what might otherwise be an uncomfortable situation is actually incapable of perturbing us.

What you do is to work toward acceptance. What's the opposite of resistance? Acceptance. But when we are in the middle of a melt-down, and we're feeling upset, it's hard to accept those sensations. Yet by not accepting them, we block them. We stand in front of them and resist, even though they're really on their way out of our lives.

That's why we say that suffering comes from resistance, not overwhelm.

Overwhelm simply describes the process of saturating the nervous system with stimulus (Holosync) to prompt it to make changes in how it functions. These changes happen smoothly and rapidly when we allow them to. But most of us are subconsciously invested in sticking to our old and familiar patterns. Consciously we know that some of these patterns aren't serving us. They can be unhealthy and harmful. So we want to change them. But they've become such a deeply-rooted part of our mental and emotional makeup that we find it challenging to release them. And when the `ego` gets wind of our efforts to heal and release these things, it tends to produce some resistance to what it sees as a threat.

So, you can't fight resistance with resistance. You have to find it in yourself to develop a radical acceptance of everything you think and feel - even if what you think and feel makes you uncomfortable. Until you do that, you'll find that the person on the other end of the rope you're pulling on is you. You're pulling against yourself.

So what about overwhelm? Is it good? In a way, yes. Overwhelm is what we want, because it's what pushes the system to grow and change. You may have heard the saying `you have to reach your limits before you can exceed them.` Holosync pushes you to reach those limits. The only limit really involved is the threshold we have to handling stress. As we stretch and expand and push this threshold we find ourselves functioning at progressively higher levels of functioning.

So if you're experiencing upheaval, your system is in overwhelm. And if it's in overwhelm it's on the verge of changing. What do you do? Accept whatever comes up (doesn't mean you have to like it, just accept it), and let the process unfold."

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