Into The Woods...

The Japanese has a word called Shinrin-yoku, literary means "forest bathing". I took to the woods this morning cos a part of me has been missing being out in nature with no reservations inhaling the beauty. On my walk on the trail at Rachel Carson, I got thinking how powerful her book "Silent Spring" was, a book a head of its time with so much valuable information that it ought be revisited for today's world with the debates over environmental issues and to bring awareness to the things that are not talked about that out to be talked about. Kids know a lot more than we give them credit for. Listen to them. Their voice is making a difference for the environmental movement these days.  

I also, got thinking about other stuff in the forest too. I had Morrissey's lyrics in my head too about the human condition. Fall or Autumn can be a challenging time, it's the in between for winter and for many the fear of paying bills come to mind. For
myself, this has been me for months, but I must look to nature
and remember that there's a cycle to everything. Ah, with fall being fall it's a time to let go. What do you need to let go of? There must be something inside of you that is causing you pain and you just need to let it go. For myself, a good cry comes to mind for me to let go of the emotions that I need to. Sometimes, you just need it. A beautiful walk in the woods for let go and inhale the beauty of the trees! 

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