A Holiday Reminder!

I stumbled across reading this somewhere this week...may it be helpful to those who need a reminder! You just don't know who is suffering, it may be very well be the person who is inspiring you with this post, friends, family members, work colleagues,
the person who you got that coffee from, the person who helped mailed your packages, your favorite person, etc... Just be kind, loving and compassionate! ❤️ūü§ó

"Often times, as we approach the holiday season, we find that these last two months of the year can be a time of unintended triggers around family, finance, and even fun - physically, mentally AND most definitely, emotionally. This time of year brings us into contact with relationship patterns, buried belief systems and judgments from deep in childhood or the family structure, weight gain, and just overall family stress, and it can creep up slide down the chimney before we even know it."
~Jarrad Hewett

I have many beautiful and inspirational items on my online shops that may brighten up a love ones day. Writing cards can often help. Since I have many loved ones around the world, often times, I write cards. I'm loving sending out my new inspirational ones tho to encourage others that they do matter in this world, to me, and to others around them! My Etsy shop is: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ChristineAnuszewski and my Society6 Shop is: https://society6.com/christineanuszewski. Did, I mention that I got some inspirational T-Shirts, yoga mats, coffee mugs, and so much more?

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