I created my Soulful Seer Affirmation Cards to help myself and others with questions that we face as part of the human condition! For years out of my own depression and despair I often questioned if I matter to anyone, my family, my closet friends (who may be mikes and half a world away), and to myself. I realize that these questions are natural. Yet, growing up, I didn’t think they were and I thought that I was all alone and no one else had them. I held all of this stuff bottle up inside, It was taboo to talk about them. As I realize once I created this deck and my other cards that can be found on my Etsy shop ( that these cards really do bring joy to people! Personally, I draw a card every morning as a start to my day to get me a wee bit of inspiration before I sit down and meditate. I can not think of a morning without doing my practice, cos in fact it helps ground myself to “be of service” for the day and to “be present”. There’s a sense of peace from within as I smile looking at them. I have them around my room to help me to say present. 

In Deepak Chopra’s book “Metta Human” there’s loads of insight on living your best life and help you see pass the conditions of the human brain... “ Homo sapiens is the only species that must try to be happy. Among all the mysteries that surround being human, this is one of the most intractable. For centuries our struggle is one against the enemies of happiness-violence, anxiety, despair, hopefulness, and depression-has been the price we pay for being conscious. We suppose, but do not know with any certainty, that other creatures don’t experience these states. When it can no longer run with the pack, an old wolf lies down to die, defeated by age and the raw elements of Nature. A human being at any age can be warm, secure, and physically healthy, yet on the inside has given up on life.”

My wish for is that these cards will help you seek out the joy and love of yours that is already in your life and to find peace within yourselves.

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