Birthday Reflection...

As, I sit here with a cuppa, I have already done my morning mediations and a few yoga classes to start my day. My extended family from far off places like Japan and Ireland have already wished me a Happy Birthday with many others beautiful people who are my friends. My sister and nephew showed up to the front door with a sign saying Happy Birthday. The weather is nice and warm here with sunshine in Maine today, it’s a nice surprise and a miracle. 

I have so much to say, so much to say as my annual birthday refection is upon me, yet I haven’t had quite the words to do so. I spent most of last week, waking up in the wee hours of the morning just thinking of the occasion and what I had to say, yet nothing worthy came through for my creative writing.  The world is heavy right now, yes, heavy! What can I say? For me personally, I can feel the stresses, my own fears and worries, my family’s, my friend’s, strangers, and the world collective grief and mourning as we navigate through this challenging times. Sad to say, in a way we are living pre-Civil Wars times with issues of race and inequality right in our face in America. Sadly, we haven’t moved pass the issues and they are showing up, the deep wounds for us to heal them, as individuals and as a collective consciousness. A lot of healing has to take effect. Not to forget forgiveness, love and compassion too.  At times, I’m thinking how bad the election was 4 years ago, and I woke up with a major energy hangover on how brutal it was and what was becoming here in the America. Sadly, so much hate is all around. It’s screaming out everywhere from our environmental policies, race, women’s rights, trauma healing, politics without love,  general inequality, education reform, not allowing ourselves to hug one another, small business being forced to close, not having the right to hold special occasions, and not talking about the number of lives we have indeed lost from the Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping the nation and the world, just to name the many things. We have so much healing to do not just for individuals but as a nation and world as well!

I know from my own personal healing journey that it’s not pretty. Oh no it’s not! How can true healing be pretty, since you have to take a good look inside of yourself first. That’s where the magic begins. As we leave the womb and come into this Earth as our own being we have so many pressures of fitting into the Earth school. Everyone around us has an opinion, judgement, criticism, or hatred for us and not to forget all the rules we have to follow. The Earth is really beautiful if we just let go of the opinions from others and honor the truth of our own soul! We are here to learn many lessons for our own growth. Yet, the lessons are challenging. Tough and painful, you might say.  At times I wonder what I signed up for and have to remember that I’m where I need to be to learn an important lesson for my own soul’s growth. 

In order to heal, can we as humans truly take a good look inside ourselves to truly love ourselves? How can I define who I am? Can I love everyone as equal as if they were my neighbor as brother and sisters? Can I be the change that the world needs right now? Are some of the many questions I am asking myself. As we can see, the planet, Mother Earth is shifting in big ways, many old energies are leaving us right now. These storms are just part of the healing process. Look pass the anger, hate, rage, and injustice they are all calling for ourselves to look within ourselves to heal. To do the work, I know for myself that I must take the leap of faith inside of me and look at everything, and I mean everything. Some of my own pain has been passed down to me from my ancestral trauma. I got the one side of the whiskey drinkers to the vodka drinkers (a lot of the old Irish famine energy to Polish side that has been partition many times) not to forget to look at my own pain from my childhood to past life regression therapy. I could go on and on with the healing piece here, yet it doesn’t really matter how or what I do. I do know that really matters is that I’m showing up everyday and every moment of my life to do the work. There’s so much work to be done. Take the leap into the fears and darkness it brings about the light, joy, and happiness! 

As for today, I could list all the famous people and friends that I share a birthday with in the world. One happened to be one of the summer residents and a famous first lady in the town that I grew up in. It’s also World Oceans Day too. The ocean needs to be protected! There’s still so much uncharted territory that needs to be looked at and explored. I can remember at times while scuba diving that I would collect plastic from the ocean and put it into the bcd so I could dispose of it properly when I returned to the surface and to shore. 

All what I can say is that we as humans need to give peace a change and honor the love that we have inside of ourselves first to be the change what we hope to see in the world. We must love ourselves first. I know from my own healing journey that it can be done. My hope for you is that you can see how beautiful you really are and that you are a gift to light up the world. Spend time in nature and it’s ok to be alone to reclaim your power and strength back! Love must outcast the dark shadows of fear! 

The ocean was cool and refreshing today as well, as I went into the ocean….

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