Self Discovery

"There's so much I've yet to discover about Who I am and what life is about and what is truly important. Just when I think I figured something out, I discover a whole new piece about me.

Yesterday I never really thought about my energy field or that my thoughts really do attract companion thoughts. But today, now, I imagine only activity swirling around me like sparks of sacred light. I'm a sparkler that can start endless fires of activity with just a thought, or a word, or a whisper of my energy. I am all that power, and something in me always knew that.

No wonder I found decision so overwhelming. What fire did I want to start? Where should I direct the sparks of my life? Would I
start big fires or little ones? Fires require air, and all that air comes from the great soul of humanity. We breathe it together.

No secrets have we from each other. So what I figured out is that I require the breath of all beings to animate the sparks I set into motion, and I breathe with all living beings. We are the light, or we engage the darkness.

I'm beginning to understand the rules. It is not everyone for themselves, but we are all in this together, because we are all of this together. So hover over me Lord. Help me to extend the space of my small and brief life to include the grace of all of us who breathe together. Amen.

With Love,
Caroline Myss "    

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