Fancy a Hike

Ah, the joys of the glaciers. All what I kept on thinking about on that day was being among the glaciers as the Tllingit word "Sit'ku". Ah, the name of the first boat that I worked on was in my head that day reminding me of the places I sailed around Juneau to Tracy Arms Fjord. However, seeing the glaciers in Iceland at Skaftafell and Vatnajökull National Park was quite an experience. To be among a place where many movies were filmed, just think of Batman and Game of Thrones to name a few, to be memorized by the stunning beauty. Ah, I haven't been up close and personal since my days at the "Backyard Glacier" Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau to the time I hiked the Fox Glacier in New Zealand. The four hour hike that day was one of a personal challenge, but it was worth it. 

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