Earth Changes

Me Sitting in An Earth found one summer on Boylston Street, Boston
Have you been a little off lately? More so that most. Some days you might be right on target, the next might be having a surge of emotions going threw you and you begin to tell off anyone in sight. Have you noticed the weather lately? Have you noticed the turmoil with the wars and people fleeing countries fro oppression? From space we have intense geomagnetic storms and all across the globe we are seeing intense tropical storms, among other things?  Have you noticed that animals are being over hunted and killed for trophy sports? Is time speeding up for you or slowing down? Has your diet change? Have you noticed that everything is energy? Have you found yourself getting rid of everything you know to once be working for you? Have you notice the intense rise in hate speech? Are you being caution of what products you are using without chemicals and haven't been treated by animals? One day the weather will be a heat wave and the next it will be bitter cold and you might be denying climate change? Your are not alone. Let me repeat this, you are not alone. Everyone on planet Earth is going threw great changes. The Earth doesn't know what temperature it is and the geomatic center is shifting along with the poles. We are all going threw great changes.

Personally, the jobs that I thought were me are no longer. My diet keep on changes and certain beverages and foods that I once enjoyed, I can no longer do. The old ways of me are becoming a thing of the past. I find great joy in picking up my camera and connecting with liked minded people.

Mother Earth is changing her vibration frequency from the depths of the crystal core and also from above. There's an intense energy coming in from below the planet and above to help us get rid of our old out dated beliefs. Old suppressed karma that we have been carrying for far too long is arising to the surface to be release and let go. We can see this clearly with what Congress is facing, tropical storms, glaciers and ice movement in the polar areas, population rising, humanity issues rising to the surface and so much more.

Please remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. We are hear in the school ground of Earth to learn the lessons of love and to raise our own vibration and the vibration of the planet. We must start to take responsibility for our own actions. To raise the vibe we can spend at least 5 minutes to send out compassion and love to heal others every day.

Don't forget to ground yourself to the crystal core center of Earth to help you with the changes. We must start to own our own power, in doing so, we must stand strong and tall like your own tree of life. It's time to take back our power and to feel the love within ourselves.

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