Make The Time For Yourself

I stumbled across this and it was just beautiful to read. For years I told myself that I didn't have time to do everything under the sun and the kitchen sick too perhaps. It's time to really start to examine that "inner dialogue" you tell yourself. Really pay attention to it and start using more positive more loving words when you want to manifest your dreams.

"People often say "I don't have time to sit and connect with myself."
The essence of everything you are is beyond those surface "get things done" thoughts that own you.

Every day that you go deeper, you transcend old limiting beliefs that cause you to repeat each day as a person who seems to be run by life, and that your job is to do every thing you can just to survive.
You start to prove to yourself that life isn't just a linear hamster wheel where you work at a place you hate, stay in situations that suck and buy whatever you can to ease the suffering that you are creating in the first place.
Life can be an exponential expansion of yourself. It can be the cutting through layers of bullshit and the access to a true guidance system that is trying to give you what you need to be fulfilled, euphoric, peaceful, impactful and expansive all at the same time.
Misery, addictions, stress, come from denying this place daily. If you aren't connected to your heart, you are connected to flimsy fear based thoughts that just cause you to feel disconnected and sad.
You are not owned by anything in this world, because your perception of the world only exists inside of you. You create thoughts and meanings about the world and fight it inside of yourself. Sit with yourself and discover the inner war you have been having since you were young. It's true insanity.
We have the right and opportunity to go past this bullshit that has never, ever fulfilled us. Today you can start by listening inward uninterrupted for at least an hour. There is such a deep place of truth, freedom and euphoria just collecting dust, but always ready when you are.
The shallow world has been fun. But I know where this road leads. You do not have to be run by life. You can co create with it in ways that the little mind would never be able to grasp. If this calls to you, try it!
In my opinion, I don't have time to NOT sit with myself."
~Kyle Cease 

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