Happy Hands

As I have been observing my nephew, I wonder how the world looks so beautiful and bright to a baby. I noticed on Easter when I gave him a set of stacking blocks that were bright and cheerful colors that he immediately light up with excitement. My sister could tell with his “happy hands” were in a state of grace with joy and excitement. The small things matter. As we get older, I wonder what has happened to that same feeling that babies have that as adults we have lost. The world at that age seems so much full of excitement and filled with possibilities. 

As, I continue my own healing journey, often times wonder what happened to me? Why am I lost and confuse. Will my passions and gifts to the world shine bright? Will I ever find myself traveling again? Exploring unknown places? Will I ever see the people who matter the most in my world even tho they may be worlds apart? A lot of stuff is coming up. I guess you could say that I’m in a transformation phase of my life. Getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t serve me and letting in a greater expansive light in. Words and labels can’t be placed on the feeling that I have been experiencing lately. The triggers are from unresolved issues in my own life that I need to work on. 

Then one morning on one of my email newsletters, I actually clicked open the one from Kris Carr and it was a beautiful note reminding myself that I’m loved. It reminded me of the notes I send to selected friends to brighten up their days. I get told that I’m an Angel to them for it, in their own way in time. I was blessed to actually received one from someone who I didn’t personally know and who took the time to write something so beautiful that a quick second to read. 

The note went something like this: “Hiya Gorgeous! I was thinking you could use a hug today. So instead of our regular blog, I’m sharing a message I sent to my dad a few months ago….You don’t need to fix or change anything about yourself to beloved. You are loved, just as you are, in this exact moment. The version of you who work up today is the very best version of all. In fact you don’t need to accomplish anything to be special. Your birth was the special miracle, and the universe is still toasting and applauding that magical day. Now, you may not feel this was all the time. In fact, most days you might feel flawed, scared and frighten. Parts of your body aren’t working right, your job isn’t going well, folks are disappointed in you and so on (blah blah). The inevitable tangles of life can make it feel like, try as you might, you’re just not doing stuff right-you’re just not enough. But I want to remind you that none of that is true…What is true is that you are good and wonderful and deeply loved-right here, right now….I love you. Kris Carr”

Hmmm…I guess we could all use the reminder that we are loved, very much. A baby will look at you with excitement and love. We must not forget about that as adults. There’s so much beauty out there, we just have to allow to bask in the moment with it and soak it all in. 

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