Move More Into Forgiveness

"Move Gently into Forgiveness          

"I've never kew how much I blamed and hated myself. I never knew how much shame and self-contempt I pick up from situations I'd been though until I really forgave myself and felt how that feels," one women said to me.

Loving yourself, forgiving yourself, accepting yourself-all of these feel different from judging yourself. Many of us have lived with so much judgement of ourselves that we take these feeling for granted. We just think that's how we're doomed to feel. Until we do forgive ourselves, we don't realize how much we need to, and how good, how great, how absolutely terrific that feels.

I was leery of forgiveness for many years. I though forgiving implied judging. And because judging was wrong and I shouldn't do it, I didn't need to forgive. The problem was whether right or wrong. I had to judge myself. And now I needed forgiveness.

Self-judgments set us apart, separate us from the rest of the world in an undesirable way. Forgiving ourselves reconnects us to the world, to God, to ourselves.

We can forgive ourselves for what we've done wrong, what we've done badly, and what we think we could have done better. We can transcend our judgments of ourselves.

Move gently into forgiveness. Love, forgive, and accept yourself. See how connected you feel. See how free you really are and always have been. See how much better you feel! "

~Melody Beattie

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