Resentments Hurt Everybody

"Resentments Hurt Everybody    

Resents only hurt ourselves? Not true. Resentments can hurt others, too.

When we brood and allow resentments to brew and fester, we send negative, mean, hurtful, spiteful energy to others. the more consciously and vividly we do this, the more pain we can cause everyone. The more bonded we are with others, whether they're business associates, friends, lovers, or family members, the more powerfully our resentments can impact them as well as us.

So if you're busy thinking resentful thoughts about someone close to you on the job or at home, consider the harm you are doing to him or her. The more powerful the emotions connected to these thoughts  and the closer you are to the person, the more damage you can do. You can sabotage the other person, help keep him or her down. Even if you don't speak your resentments aloud, even if you try to hide the way you feel, the enegery is there in the air hurting both of you. Just as we focus on clearing the air we breathe of toxins, we need to cleanse the air around us at work and at home from the toxic fumes of resentments.

Remember, when we harbor hate, jealously, or rage, we connect to others in ways that hurt us all. Let's release our resentments. Along the way, we'll set ourselves and our hearts free, too."

~ Melody Beattie

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