I never thought that I would set sail on a crazy family boat ride.  Too bad that John Hughes wasn't alive cos the script could have been something for a National Lampoon's Family Vacation sequence....I don't really need to say too much.  However, I got a new nickname out of my Irish Uncle this morning by referring me to "Jacques Couseau" with the amount of camera gear I had for a boat ride.  You never know what your going to need, so it's better to be over prepared than under.  Well, I found myself on a boat ride threw the Inter Coastal by Boca Grande and the only marine siting was a dolphin.  Nice day to be on the water before the monsoonal rain shower later in the afternoon.  Found myself on a lovely island taking a walk on the beach.  I couldn't help but notice a couple of dead fish on the shore and the beautiful shells.
Dead Fish

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