San Cristobal

My last full day of sailing around the Galapagos aboard the Endeavour, again it has been amazing.  It’s truly an unique & incomparable region of Mother Earth that needs to be protected for future generations to enjoy.  Sailing around these islands is pretty amazing if you ask me.  Today is the chance to visit the easternmost island of the archipelago, San Cristobal, once known as Chatham, is the first island that Charles Darwin visited were it has a vibrant & often dramatic human history that goes back a couple of centuries.  Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the capital of the Galapagos where sea lions act like dogs at night & line the streets one must be careful on where to step before getting growled at.  A small coastal town feeling where once again marine murals line the streets to leave an imprint on protecting the Galapagos for future generations. Eco-tourism is what thrives the economy of this pristine place.
Red Sesuvium
Another early morning walk at Punta Pitt, which is an impressive volcanic terrain at the northeastern end of the island.  It’s the only place where the famous red-footed bobbies can be found. The hike entails a strenuous climb to a spectacular plateau that is shaped by the volcanic moonscape at the top that encompasses red Sesuvium, a succulent plant, adds color to the beautiful spot. Once you reach the top its absolutely beautiful, breath taking views of the ship in the distance. Heaps of layering systems going on to compose your shot with the red from the Sesuvium’s, lush green plants, a bird or lava lizard to include as well.  Going down is just as challenging & don’t forget to protect your gear at all cost with the incline of the step steps that reminds me of being back in Arizona or Utah looking at the canyon walls. The beach sparkles with a touch of a mineral in it.  The sea lions come to shore to bask in the sand & sun.  Beautiful lighting this morning & not to forget a deep crystal blue sky with beautiful cloud coverage, the ocean is crystal clear warm enough to take a swim just in your bathers.  It’s always a treat to find the Sally Lightfoot Crabs on the rocks too, a lovely morning, the perfect beach day.
Sea Lion
Now, one of the most impressive dive sites can be found in this spectacular brilliant offshore islet, located near the western coast of San Cristobal called Leon Dormido or “Kicker Rock” in English.  I loved this spot. Back in July I saw heaps of giant sea turtles, but I found it a little challenging to snorkel cos the guest kept on snorkeling ontop of me not give me an opportunity to enjoy it with out chaos. Now, I do have some peace in that. It’s amazing to snorkel in between these two giant cliffs.  It’s an iconic figure in the Galapagos to see these rocks, which just screams Galapagos.  It’s just as big as Uluru is to Australia. I had a chance to snorkel threw the cliffs two times & found myself in another caress of the rocks as well where I got to see sea lions barking & playing, some sharks & not to forget the blissful sea turtles. An awesome afternoon.
Leon Dormido
Happy Hour on Deck
Overall I had a fantastic week. I’ve been blessed to attend a “photo exhibition” & take advantage of so many cool things; not forgetting my new found photo knowledge. I’m grateful for the help that I received this week.  I was able to start shaping my photographic style into a higher level. I did end up in several shots of the V/C’s DVD for the voyage. Honestly, I LOVE the Galapagos in many ways.  If you ask me what is my favorite place that I have visited I couldn’t tell you cos there is something special in each place that I have left my footprint that I just love. You can’t always judge a book by its cover, just got to weight is out & to see it’s full beauty unfolding that’s capturing your calling.  Well, this time I get to say next stop Lima. I was actually crying when I left Guayaquil back in July cos I have a Passport & it’s mean to be filled up with stamps for all over the world.  I got inspired at an early age from my Irish grandfather, who was a sea captain on oil tankers, who gave me his love for seeing the world. I also got inspired by reading National Geographic, history & social science were my strong subjects in school which lead me to that Political Science degree, not to forget looking at maps & learning geology too that shaped this passion with my love for the arts.  Let alone Lonely Planet is one of my favorite sources to plan for a holiday. The world is your oyster; you must go out & explore it before it’s too late.  Don’t forget to listen to that calling deep in your soul & keep on dancing. Dance dance dance!


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