Sailing the Sea of Cortez

Santa Catalina
Just north of La Paz in the Sea of Cortez lies an amazing island, Santa Catalina that is home to the giant barrel cactus & a rattle-less rattlesnake.  The landing hears is rather rocky with the smooth beach rocks that you would find on any coast.  Nested in a nice bay with a huge rock that looks like an elephant, it happens to be one of my favorite spots in Baja.  I’ve scuba dive here last year & if I recall correctly the ocean was a mere 18 degrees Celsius. I love working with my camera here.  Wide angle is fun fun with the entire cactus that lines the hills.  The terrain is rather tough with numerous twigs, spines from the cactus, rough rocks, dead cactus & bushes that line the so-called “trails”.  This place is amazing for sure.  I quite enjoy walking around the landscape to see the true beauty of the place. It’s definitely a good place to get lost with your camera & a sense of adventure.  If your lucky you can see the Sally Light-foot Crabs line the shore! Oh, they remind me of the Galapagos & bring back happy memories.
Eiffel Church
Santa Rosalia is home to many wooden homes with balconies & porches replaced disordered adobe structures when it a French mining company founded the town.  It’s a nice place to stroll the streets what are lined by original pastel-hued structures.  A hidden gem would be to visit Panaderia El Bole for it’s famous breads & pastry or wonder around to the fish tacos stands for a mere $2.00 USD. Also, don’t forget to stop & view the famous church that was built by Eiffel as in the Eiffel Tower. It’s also one of my favorite spots to check of for photo opportunities.  There are some brilliant graffiti that line the docks, skiffs can be found along the shore, structures from the mining era can be found intertwine in the landscape, flavors of “real” Baja cuisine can be found & not to mention the colorful buildings to name a few things that one can find in the quite remote mining town in the desert. It’s definitely a fun place to get lost with the camera & to set out on an adventure.  
Los Islotes is home to a huge sea lion colony on this tiny island made from volcanic rock. I quite enjoy my time there.  I always get super duper happy to go snorkeling with them. Surprising the ocean has been much warmer than it was last year.  However, I’ve been a wee disappointed that the sea lion lovin’ of getting kissed hasn’t been as great as I would hope it to be. Overall an adventure at this spot is amazing! It’s always blissful to be amongst the sea lions & enjoying watching them in their natural habitat.
Half Moon Bay Beach
A relaxing time ashore at Half Moon Bay is always refreshing.  It’s nice to get off the boat & enjoy the long couple mile beach that is surrounded by beautiful sand cliffs. Beach time is always good for the soul.
The Sea of Cortez is amazing for sure. Beauty awaits every corner.  Something is amazing blowin’ here.  It’s a blessing to see super pods of dolphins & being amongst the whales that are in the warmer waters to give birth before they migrate to the colder waters for their feeding grounds. It’s defiantly a magical place to check out for sure!

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