Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Mixed With Temptation

“We gonna jump and shout
The Statue of Liberty said,
Que pasa Ny?...Que pasa NY?
NYC down in the village
What a bad-ass city!
Que pasa Ny?...Que pasa NY?”
~John Lennon

"All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance"
Fountain In Central Park
As I wake up, having a nice cuppa in a friends flat in Brooklyn I’m suddenly overwhelmed. Why, you might ask me. Well, cos as much as there’s non stop action for the city that doesn’t sleep, to be honest, it’s hard to decide where to go & what to do. Do I want to hit a museums’, galleries, antique shops, parks, the endless selection of restaurants, the cinema, the department stores, yoga, mediation, which friend do I have time to squeeze in for a visit, yada yada yada the list is endless.  If you want to play tourist, well there’s the whole let’s go to Time Square, Broadway, Macy’s, Saks, Bloomindales, Tiffany’s, etc & shop till you drop. Honestly, that is not me. Maybe at one time that was part of the program, but not any more. As I first started backpacking while in Australia, I was like “there’s more to life than this”.  Don’t get me wrong that going into stores to snag a deal is awesome & amazing, let’s leave it to that, but then there’s the whole temptation issue.  Do I really need this is what I’m asking myself. Really, do I need it when I know that I can do better online or at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  Also, since I’m doing this whole expedition as you could say on a budget, than that answers my question that I do not need the item. Don’t get me wrong that by saying not spending the money to treat yourself now & then is not healthy, cos it is. It’s good to go out & play once & a while to find your spark of creativity. However, in this city there is just so much to do that I don’t know where to begin most mornings besides just letting my wanderlust guide me. I could use the Lonely Planet as my “bible” so to speak as what I have to do exactly, but I don’t. I really like the copy of the one that I have cos it has an excellent map for each of the sections of Manhattan. That’s what I use it for & not to forget the handy public transportation maps in the back. The photographer in me wants to go everywhere, but I got to remember that advise of some of photographer friends is to watch the situation unfold & work it. With that guiding principle in mind, I just got to leave the moment as it is & capture what’s unfolding.
For the most part New Yorkers are very friendly & helpful; even though the stereotype might get the bad wrap. I find that people are willing to help when you least expect it. I haven’t had an issue. However, it’s wise to look both ways when crossing the streets cos New Yorkers are very aggressive drivers. The traffic is insane & it’s just as easy as going out walking than jumping in a cab.
Well, I started this morning by saying to my friend that I’m off to Central Park. In deed I was, but for those who really know me would understand where I was off.  I got off the Subway at 72nd Street West & made my way over to the park. I knew where I was of course, I just had to look for the Dakota Building to find my bearings. I made my way to Strawberry Fields & there was no one there to begin with that made this even more enjoyable. I found a great sense of peace here cos I could feel John’s presence & know that I was in a peaceful spot. I was disappointed that the Imagine memorial was not decorated in flowers like it was on my first visit.  It was very cool to photography the memorial without any people near it. I basically was the only one for a few minutes before I got swamp with tourist & that was my queue to get out of there. Visiting the site is a good reminder that we need to work on peace in our world not war. As the John & Yoko campaign “WAR IS OVER, if you want it.” I did a wee bit of exploring in Central Park though too. I accidentally found the Central Park Zoo & walked threw it. My only wildlife viewing, besides the pigeons was the sea lions at the zoo. I did get a wee bit of exciting. I do love sea lions. I made it to the Mall & to Bethesda Terrace to catch a glimpse of the famous fountain. I quite enjoyed my morning in the Park. However, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to see it all in one day cos this place is huge, but it was nice to escape the business of the city for some solitude.
I decided to make my way down 5th Avenue for a wee bit of shopping on the shoestring by going to the Gap & Uniqlo to score some bargains. I did purchase items that were on sale, even though I was tempted with all of the regular price items.  There can be deals to be found, but you just got to seek out the goodness. After shopping, I made my way down to the East Village to find a restaurant that my friend recommended to me this morning. I was in search of my favorite Japanese food, well one of them. I went to Otafuku , but I didn’t realize that it was a hole in the wall take out place on 236 E 9th Street. 
Okonomiyaki & Takoyai Oishi Desu Yo!
The restaurant can hold only three people inside of it before it gets overly crowded; it’s very small indeed. I was happy to eat both okonomiyaki & takoyaki.  Ah, yes, I was in heaven! I was reminded of all the times that I would venture after school for a snack around from my school behind the 100 Volts electronic shop in Matsue for takoyaki. Ah very good food for barley any money, jackpock for me. I did speak a wee bit of Japanese to the guys working there & chatted with them for a bit. I just sat out side on the street eating my lovely octopus & squid tasty delights.
Coney Island
I decided to escape the city for a bit this afternoon by taking the train all the way out to  Coney Island. I enjoyed taking the train to see how the rest of Brooklyn looked & to take a walk along the board walk to walk off my lunch feast. It’s known for being a Russian community besides being a getaway for city goes for the beach & the famous Luna Park. I swear that every coastal seaside community well most of them that I have visited in the world have their own Luna Parks. In a way it reminded me of Old Orchard Beach back in Maine & St Kilda in Melbourne, Australia. I had to laugh when I saw fake palm trees on the beach too.  Overall I enjoyed my visit. It was nice to set foot on the sand once again & to look out at the ocean from a beach.  I concluded my day by making my way back to the city to take a stroll in Chelsea. I found the big Whole Foods in Union Square & that was nice to go to.  I did take a peak at the famous Hotel Chelsea where Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols killed his girlfriend, Dylan Thomas, Madonna, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead & many more musicians, writers & artists have stayed here. There’s a rich collection of art in the hallways from many famous artist.  It’s a great place to walk by in Chelsea & to feel the vibe of this artistic community. I did have another nonstop packed day. I ate some tacos at Super Taco Express for dinner & they were just alright. The tortillas were good, but I wasn’t too impressed with the rice. I’ve had better in Baja, but worked to get something on the cheap when your on the go & can’t be bother to make up your mind cos your extremely knacker. Well, I’m just unwinding in Brooklyn with my feet up. Your probably thinking how I can do all this, but it’s just easy to be on the go & living in the moment. Another nights out Brooklyn & I think I’ll be sleeping well...

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