Galway Girl...

“At the corner of your lips
As the orbit of your hips
You elevate my soul

I've got no self control
Been living like a mole now
Going down, excavation
I and I, in the sky
You make me feel like I can fly
So high
~Elevation by U2

Shops in Galway City
Well, I’ve cleared customs & immigrations at Dublin International Airport (Guide to Dublin Airport, for more details about what to while waiting at the airport) & was on my way via bus to Galway City. I’m took the Go Bus it happens to be an express bus too for my first adventure on Irish roads. It’s probably the quickest & more affordable route to take going directly from the airport on about a 2 1/2 hour journey. I figure to start my journey in the West before making my way back to Dublin. Your crazy to think that I was going to spend all my time in Dublin without seeing the real Ireland, come on the free spirit in me has some tricks up my sleeves. I did get tempted to see some mates over in neighboring Great Britain cos Ryanair has great deals, but Ireland is calling me. Oh here’s some great articles to look for travel advise, before I forget: Travel Tips And Articles Totally Like Bogus The Worlds Worst Travel Advice & Avoid Paying Bank Fees Traveling. Word to the wise, do your research before you go, I must say that National Geographic , Lonely Planet, YelpHostel World  Youtube's Anthony Bourdain's Ireland an episode about Ireland are excellent sources online besides asking a trusted friend who has been to Ireland on holiday or has lived over there or ask a local! One last thing, don’t forget that the VAT (Value Added Tax) can be refunded to visitors who live outside of the EU. Just ask when purchasing goods at a store (excluding accommodations, tours, food & drink) for an itemize receipt for you to get your tax back when departing Ireland. A good site to check out is: Shop Tax Free.Don't forge to sign up for your card way before your anticipated arrival to make sure that it actually comes! It works great! Just mention it at the shop & present your card, easy peasy!
County Galway is home to me. My great great grandfather came from here, birthplace of one of my Irish roots. He settled in Chelsea, a suburb of Boston. I had the pleasure of connecting with some distant cousins recently right before my departure. I have to admit that I was a wee bit scared to connect, but knowing what side of the family they are on they have all been very welcoming. I guess you could say that there’s a small part of me to see where I came from, I didn’t come all this way for nothing. What my roots look like, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking & to learn more about myself on the journey that I am on. It’s a great way for me to dig into my personal growth.
"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known."
~Oscar Wilde
Let’s see, I think that I’m in love with this city for a lot more reasons. It’s artsy, bohemian, pleasure seekers, café’s, pubs, heart of the Gaelic music & sports scene to name a few of things why I’m in love here & it’s on the coast! Ah, I came this way to eat some excellent seafood, indulge in finding my roots & to see the real Ireland.
Gaillimh is not known for its weather, since it’s pretty much rainy & wet, but you must remember to seize out the day no matter what. It is known for being the most Irish of all of Ireland’s cities with Gaelic being its mother tongue. The Claddagh ring got its birth here. This beautiful fishing village got it’s name from the Gaelic word gaill, meaning “outsider” or “foreigners” & the term just suits Galway throughout its history. The River Corrib runs through the center of city with an abundance of salmon.

“What they undertook to do
They brought to pass;
All things hang like a drop of dew
Upon a blade of grass.”
~Gratitude To The Unknown Instructors, William Butler Yeast
Count your blessings. Be grateful for the small things that make up the day! I’m pretty knacker from travelling & loopy. I had a wonderful proper fish ‘n chips at Mc Donagh's where I enjoyed some yummy Irish Salmon. Then I found myself over in O’Connell’s Bar enjoying a proper pint of delicious milky smooth Black Stuff. The Guinness was a nice treat to end the day. Got a busy one tomorrow. Good night Ireland, must rest so I can get adjusted to your time now! 

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